I'm a bit conflicted at the moment when it comes to allegiances. See, I recently decided to delete some old save files, and in that, I accidentally deleted Lily, my level 58 character who I was going to use for Fallout 4's DLC beta testing (assuming Bethesda selects me, that is). So, now I've started a new character called Chris. He's currently level 14 (dammit).

But here lies the problem: I haven't yet completed Reunions (SPOILER), where you find Conrad Kellogg and ruthlessly murder him for killing your spouse (in my case, Nora), and where the Brotherhood of Steel'sPrydwin first appears in the Commonwealth (END SPOILER). And it is in this where I decide to start planning:

Do I stick with the Railroad, thus (SPOILER) destroying the Prydwin, and possibly being forced to kill Paladin Danse (my second love interest, after Robert MacCready); stay with the Brotherhood, but destroy the Railroad (killing Deacon, but gaining a free Railway Rifle (also, this is sorta ok now, as I have completed Tradecraft and got my Walther PPK, A.K.A. the Deliverer)), but have Preston constantly yell at me for not evacuating the Institute scientists (I did get this option while doing The Nuclear Option (Railroad), but I'm not sure if I can do it with the BoS); help the Minutemen destroy the BoS and the Institute (but turn the Railroad hostile if I do) and help Sturges realize he's a synth; or join the Institute and quite possibly throw freedom in the Commonwealth in the dumpster.

Yeah, this could take a while to work out. Excuse me. Goodbye.