Hello. I am currently cheering for myself, as I actually remembered something that's sorta important to me today: I remembered that this blog exists, and that I can write more entries. 3 cheers for not-so-shit memory!

Anyway, school (why am I discussing school outside of school? Especially on this?) is my main topic today. I'll tell you, sometimes school can drain the life out of you, and other times it's the only place you want to be. Well, it was a bit of a mix today. I'm talking specifically about my Modern History class, which I had a double of today. Our main topic is the American Civil Rights Movement, and for the first 30 minutes or so, we had an impromptu debate. Let's just say, it didn't go well. At all.

For starters, asking a whole bunch of 16 year olds to try and make up arguments for/against "the only way to face the whites is to meet force with force" who would much rather talk about Donald Trump (God, I hate that man) or try to make my teacher cry with laughter over the most random things that I could think of in 10 minutes is a lot harder then what you would think. Especially when everyone on my side (which was the 'for' side. Not the side I wanted to be on, but that's why I should probably sit in the back 2 rows next time).

It also doesn't help when our first 'argument' started by bringing Christmas into this. Like, i'm sorry Matt and Jandre (2 of my teammates), but saying that Prancer, Dasher and Vixen wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the CRM isn't going to win us this debate. Never mind that the other side had much better arguments than us (although it still wouldn't win an actual debate either).

Anyway, after a while of trading arguments (and nearly blows), we decided to call it quits, and start writing about MLK instead. I would've gotten more done, if Matt wasn't constantly asking for my Toshiba.

Right. Now that that's out of the way, I might as well quickly mention something about the new DLC coming to Fallout 4 from next month until May. Who's excited? Signing up for the beta testing might allow me to get it for free, I guess (I'm NOT paying $60AUD for the Season Pass, fyi).

Well, that' all for now. Goodbye.