Hello everyone. I'm a new member here, so i'm still trying to find my way around, I suppose. I'll be updating this from time to time, assuming I can actually remember that I have this. The topics will be mostly about the stuff I find interesting in the Fallout series (as well as other non-Fallout stuff), but for now I'll start by telling you guys a little bit about myself:

My (real) name is Lachlan. I'm a 16-year old Australian, who is into cars, gaming and politics. My dream is to make it into the WRC (World Rally Championship), and hopefully win a world title or 2. My mum tells me that I should be more 'realistic' when it comes to choosing my dream job, but i'm not going to let that stop me from dreaming. I mean, it's possible, right?

And considering that this is supposed to be "mostly" Fallout related, I might as well write something about it. My topic for today is the Fallout 4 quest "Building A Better Crop". I've recently completed this quest (and received 20 free Stimpaks (Woo!)), and I've been thinking: why would the Institute choose to replace Roger Warwick instead of just recruiting him? I mean, they've been able to get people like Cricket (the wondering, gun-crazy merchant who sells "Spray & Pray", a legendary Thompson) to keep an eye out for escaped synths for the SRB, so how hard could it be for them to convince Roger and his family to grow their experimental crops, instead of having to kidnap him and send a Synth as a replacement? I'm probably thinking too hard about this, aren't I?

Anyway, that's all for now. I'll try to keep this updated, but that may not happen very often (poor memory for days!). Let's hope I do manage to remember. Goodbye (and you may also see a blog just called "FoRdH8Er24's". That's my original attempt at starting a blog that went absolutely nowhere, so just ignore that one).

P.S. Thank you Bethesda for finally saying something about DLC. Just wish I wouldn't have to pay $60AUD for the Season Pass.