Hey guys, so recently I was banned once again in chat, not to mention I was dished out in another chat by another user that chats almost all the time on here, he didnt point out my "problems" but he said that "everyone" is getting tired of it. So, here's whats going to happen. Here you can list ALL of my "problems" or things that you guys find annoying.

Keep in mind:

1. I come on the wikia chat to mess around, and not care about anything, I don't come on here to try and sho superior intellectually, because I personally don't care if you guys think Im smarter or better then you in anyway, end of the day, thats not something that affects me.

2. I understand that my fooling around can be annoying, but lets keep this to the point where you dont insult me, you can be blunt as you want, but lets keep it at a minimal

3. Feel free to post it as an anon.

4. this is not to be directed to one user so I improve myself in that users eyes, I want to improve myself generally.

Thanks. --I really need to get a signature (talk) 03:53, April 30, 2014 (UTC)