• Fire 229

    Enclave Idiots

    December 15, 2009 by Fire 229
    Enclave Idiots (15th December 2009)




    So I began the 'Waters of Life' quest... resulting in my dad dying for honestly, no good reason. Why could he have not handed over the water purifier the the enclave? Yes there evil and a bunch of phsycotic maniacs... but surely they would have put the water purifier to good use? Anyway... Dads dead... there dead... may as well get over it... as the annoyingly god-chosen saints (Brotherhood of steel) kindly helped me do... *pfftt*


    Thats exactally what i did, got over it (After ingeniously looting the dead bodies on the other side of the air lock) and headed over to Megaton...


    Thats when the oh so missed voice of Amata was picked up by my pip-boy 3000, typical... not even time for a break! So i…

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