I kept this at my profile page, but with the Fallout 4 teaser trailer out it's only a matter of time before I need to change it so I'm keeping the old here. I would have done one for Fallout 3 as well but, well... Then you could pick every perk you felt like. Also: I do not care if this gets a million views or zero, I wrote this for myself so I knew before I gained a level what skills I should increase or what perks to pick.

Now, what was my vision? What was my purpose! To be or not to be, ehm, got a little off track. What I wanted was a build that could use all weapons and armors, not to 100% effeciency, but atleast 80%. So I went for perks that improve you regardless of which weapon you're using or which armor you're carrying.

First up, I play on Xbox 360 with all DLCs (including GRA and Courier's Stash).

  • Character Namn: Igneus.
  • Traits: Built to Destroy, Logan's Loophole.
  • Skill Tags: Survival, Barter, Guns.
  • SPECIALs: 8S, 5P, 7E, 1C, 7I, 5A, 8L.
  • SPECIAL hardpoint modifiers: At the New Vegas clinic I buy all implants other than Charisma and Health Regen. At the end of Lonesome Road I put the extra point into Endurence then go and buy the Health Regen implant.

Perks: Level and reasoning.

  • 2: Rapid Reload -- Not many useful perks at level 2, atleast Rapid reload helps with all ranged weapons by reducing downtime by 25%.
  • 4: Educated -- Since it's a logan's loophole character I can use all skill points I can get.
  • 6: Comprehension -- Same as Educated, plus great synergy with Voracious Reader
  • 8: Strong Back -- +50 lbs of equipment, more salvage means more cash.
  • 10: Pack Rat -- I prefer hardcore mode, Pack Rat allows me to carry twice the food, water, doctor's bags and ammo.
  • 12: Rad Child -- If I keep Rads at 400-599 I get +4hp/sec at the loss of 1agi and 2end softpoints.
  • 14: Chemist -- Chemist + Logan's Loophole + Day Tripper = 500% chem duration (yes, the multipliers are also multiplied.)
  • 16: Better Criticals -- +50% damage from crits, sweet.
  • 18: Finesse -- +5% crit chance, nuff' said.
  • 20: Atomic! -- Great synergy with RAD child.
  • 22: Voracious Reader -- Allows crafting of magazines, including but not limited to: True Police Stories.
  • 24: Silent Running -- Stealthboy + Silent Running + Silent weapon = undetectable.
  • 26: Heavyweight -- Weapons above 10 lbs have their weight cut in half, great for Black Mountain farm runs.
  • 28: Nerd Rage! -- If health drops below 20%, gain 15 DT!
  • 30: Implant GRX -- 5 free turbos per 24 in-game hours.

Ideal Equipment: I know I said this build was meant for all weapons and armors, but I know what I like and I know that I will most likely end up with these:

  • Elite riot gear -- 22 DT, great looks and +5% Crit chance!
  • Ulysses' mask -- Not the greatest head item in the game, but it looks good! Also the 50% Rad resistance is great for maintaining RADs since I want to keep mine in the 400-599 range.
  • Christine's COS silencer rifle -- Better damage, durability and crit chance than a normal sniper rifle, and silenced by default.
  • Holorifle -- Like a handheld cannon, extreme damage but slow rate of fire.
  • Super sledge -- I don't like the rusty tint on Oh Baby!!
  • 25mm grenade APW (GRA) -- It's just fun, the power of the grenade machinegun but the slower rate of fire allows for more precision.


  • Since I have both comprehension and Voracious Reader I don't need to put any skill above 80, instead I use a magazine when needed.
  • Implant GRX will be used often, but I will also keep a small supply of real turbo, just in case.
  • My favorite chem cocktail is Slasher + Steady + Turbo and True Police Stories, but that's not a chem.

Roleplaying Backstory:

  • 2240: An Ex-Enclave soldier, Igneus overlooked the miners during the excavation of Mariposa. Although he kepts his power armor on for most of it, there was an incident when a small cavein which caused him to fall and part of his right leg armor split open. He handled it quickly but was exposed to slight FEV in it's pure form. He did not become a Super Mutant, but he felt changes. When he returned to Navarro scientists did tests and confirmed he was different. Radiation in moderate amounts was good for him, he stopped aging and he was filled with a powerful bloodlust and the urge to rip things apart with his bare hands. Since the Enclave uses psudo-speciation to detach themselves from their enemies, Igneus became an enemy. He overpowered a nearby guard, grabbed his super slegde and bashed the heads of everyone trying to stop him. But he continued to watch the Enclave, they had been his family once and he wasn't going to abandon them just because they turned their back on him.
    • 2242: Following the destruction of the Enclave oil rig and the survivor's war against NCR, Igneus knew the Enclave's glory days was over. So he traveled trying to find new purpose. He began to enjoy the life of a traveler, he helped people by hunting Super Mutants, ghouls, deathclaws and mutated wildlife which both helped the people he meet and helped to regulate his bloodlust.
  • 2275: The scientists were right, as the years passed Igneus didn't age. After helping a village he was asked to send word to a nearby settlement and he accepted. That was when he discovered the life of a deliveryman, a courier, would give him an excuse to travel the wasteland to see new places.
    • 2277: The battle of Hoover Dam. Igneus had seen plenty of the NCR, but he knew little of the legion and began to study their philosophy and ideaology, he liked what he found. Over the years he had learned to hold in his bloodlust, but it required great self-control and it frustrated him to see the people of the wastes living by anarchy, doing whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. The Legion offered discipline and Igneus wanted it.
  • 2281: Igneus joins Ceasar's Legion as a fumentarii.