• Fat man brad

    need help!!

    December 14, 2013 by Fat man brad

    look i need help with the game because its getting on my nerves, this is the situation a few months back my playstation blew up from over heating which for the life of me i dont have a clue how but my girlfriend said i could borrow her xbox but it is chipped so she never had xbox live set up and i dug out a copy of fallout new vegas and ive never played it before but ive got really into it and im in vault 3 and ive just hit level 25 and ive selected my skills but im also allowed to select a new perk but where it says "done" is marked out in dark grey like i carnt have the option i was just wondering if somebody could tell me if ive done something wrong or it is just a bug and the game needs updating?!?!?!?

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