News is that Old World Blues will be like broken steel(not extending pass the ending though) it will be set in the Mojave Wasteland and will be the most enjoyable as it will apparently very big and be focused on exploration, i cant wait for this to be honest Sounds like a mix of Point Lookout and broken steel combined seems awesome, but then we come to Lonesome Road which apparently will be more linear. Now already that has put me of slightly if its linear there wont be much exploration and i can feel its going to end up like the Mothership Zeta of New Vegas, gives you amazing loot but not much exploration, the Developers have said you will be able to return but i probably wouldn't want to return if its not got much exploration, and finally if you do battle Ulysses aka Courier Six i hope its not one of those go into V.A.T.S click head shot then one shot heads blown of the battle is over moments (bit like the ending of fallout 3 with Colonel Autumn) don't get me wrong i am looking forward to the next bunch of DLC but i do hope that Lonesome Road doesn't fail as much as MotherShip Zeta. Post your thoughts and opinions below.