I just finished Old World Blues and thought it was the best DLC yet so i went back to the Mojave and was bored as I have done everything so i decided to start a new game on Fallout 3 and compared to New Vegas Fallout 3 is just so much better i prefer the enviroment the characters the story everything really, so this brings me to my question whats your favorite out of the 2? I love both but i just find Fallout 3 amazing and now im addicted to it again. Ok so what are your speculations and opinions of Lonesome Road i hope it doesn't end up like Mothership Zeta I hope the final battle is not a Colonel Autumn battle one shot in vats i hope it is epic and they have said its going to be linear but please put a bit of exploration into it i really dont want this to be Mothership Zeta all over again.