Ok guys its been awhile since i last blogged probably a year but i thought i would drop in and tell you some ideas that i think fallout 4 should have, feel free to comment with your opinions good or bad and comment any ideas ye guys have

So ok first of all lets start with your character , do ye prefer a more concrete back story like fallout 3 or a more make your own history like new vegas ? . personally i preferred fallout 3s concrete back story to new vegas in fallout 3 u still could do what you wanted and make your own history and had something to fight for ,your fathers dreams of bringing purified water to the wasteland !!! *so get ya glasses ready children , the first ones on me "three dog". but in new vegas i felt my player had no place in the world you were just fighting for whatever you fancied . thats just my opinion , new vegas did redeem its self with the dlcs which i preferred to the game itself looking for ulysses and collecting tapes and logs and getting closer to the union of the two couriers just was amazing i thought.but beside that new vegas to me lacked a real story:/

Ok so lets talk about setting , im not too sure with the hole survivor 2299 thing if its confirmed that fallout 4 will be set in boston Massachusetts or its just a rumor but i like the thought , not a lot is mentioned about the state of boston the only thing we know is the commonwealth and railroad faction are there. Boston is also very rural and i like that i spent a lot of time in Washington dc in fallout 3 , just exploring the subways and city not knowing what would be around each corner ! that was much better then the mojave were u could see your enemies coming from miles away and the only city which was vegas was practically un hostile and boring , Washington dc was the opposite it was deadly and injested with mutants, raiders and loads of stuff!!! fallout is a post apocalyptic game we wanna be in danger we wanna have to survive in this world we dont wanna be spending most of our time walking around places were u dont need to be armed fair enough safe havens like megaton and novac but new vegas took it to the extreme for me.again just my opinion

lets talk about one last thing for today combat VATS is fun right ? ya it is but fallout does lack some good combat , dont get me wrong its not bad but in an apocalypse it should be more about hide and make every bullet count not walking out in the open five raiders shooting at u and your just popping stimpacks and firing back and WINNING !!it was brought to my attention of someones idea wich i really liked on your compass where ppl pop up green for friendly or red for enemy i think that should be gone everyone the same colour it would make it more realistic here is a link so u can read more about it wich brings me on to stimpacks and healing for a second i think stimpacks should be a lot rarer and stronger and more worth wile to find in my opinion heeling shouldnt be done by food well maybe a little but nothing major , bandages and other medical supplies i think would be a nice add as everyday injury repair they should be modest yet effective , weapons i think bullets should be rarer guns rarer and much stronger , makeshift weapons more common , but ppl like the enclave , BOS and Commonwealth obviously have advanced weaponry , weapon attachment should be a given but i think everyday items should be able to be used as attachments ie a can and sand = makeshift surpresser or a flashlight tapped on to the gun or something like that, it would enhance the hole survival aspect and as u advance through the game u would become more supplied get more reliable weaponry and the hole makeshift aspect will be nothing more then memories too u as u make your way up in the world becoming a badass survivor who raiders cower from which brings me on to one last point , if say u are really well equiped and have unreal armor and weapons maybe some enemies like raiders could notice this and try and avoid combat with u , obviously i wouldnt expect mutants or animals to do that or crazed people but actually people who have the ability to think ookkk i should stay away from him !! like when your playing the game at a low level and u come actross and super mutant u try and avoid them its common sense and i think would add realism and make NPCs more dynamic and life like .

Well that is it for today next time i will talk about armor , factions and maybe comment some things u want me to talk about and i will in later blogs , remember comment your ideas and opinions and as always thanks for reading FalloutSpider out !!