Right most of ye probably know this already but here is what i know. fallout four is most possibly the next game Bethesda is working on as trends go it was elder scrolls then fallout then elder scrolls now its fallout's turn. there has been many rumors of it being set in Boston which i feel is true it will be a direct sequel to fallout 3 Boston is believable because it is were the common wealth is which was referred to in the quest the replicated man in fallout 3 .three dog is expected to make an appearance due to a recent tweet from the dawg himself .there should also be an appearance from two new factions the institute and the railroad also referred to in fallout 3 .super mutants and the brotherhood of steel should play no role or very small if any it is rumored due to them being too much against the lore or something i dunno i saw all this in a utube vid .therefor a new race is being made .u know what here is a link hear for yourselves and here is another i watched ill update with any other news Spider ouuuttt and as always comment with ideas and any wishs for fallout 4