Right well lately i have been a pc gamer because my ps3 broke but iam sick of my laptop howling like a dog when i play fallout new vegas, and i downloaded fallout 3 from steam and it wont work .Here is the deal my top 5 games are all bethesda made with the exception of fallout new vegas being obsidian also. Fallout 3 was my fav game but skyrims beauty just changed that i love the elder scrolls and fallout series i love them equally fallout used to have my love but since skyrim its equal and skyrim is my favourite game now here is my top 5 1.Elder scrolls V Skyrim 2.Fallout 3 3.Fallout New Vegas 4.Elder scrolls IV Oblivion 5.Brink i know tho if Fallout 4 is as beautifully made as skyrim that it will take first place i would rather wait a while longer until they perfect the game then get a glitch filled un perfected version.I really need my ps3 back i must get moneys to fix it. as always comment with ideas for fallout 4 and i will reply and comment.and also comment with your thoughts on Skyrim. FalloutSpider OUT.