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  • I live in Ireland
  • I was born on March 25
  • My occupation is student
  • I am male
  • FalloutSpider

    Fallout 4

    February 3, 2014 by FalloutSpider

    Ok guys its been awhile since i last blogged probably a year but i thought i would drop in and tell you some ideas that i think fallout 4 should have, feel free to comment with your opinions good or bad and comment any ideas ye guys have

    So ok first of all lets start with your character , do ye prefer a more concrete back story like fallout 3 or a more make your own history like new vegas ? . personally i preferred fallout 3s concrete back story to new vegas in fallout 3 u still could do what you wanted and make your own history and had something to fight for ,your fathers dreams of bringing purified water to the wasteland !!! *so get ya glasses ready children , the first ones on me "three dog". but in new vegas i felt my player had no plac…

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  • FalloutSpider

    Fallout 4 news

    February 12, 2013 by FalloutSpider

    Right most of ye probably know this already but here is what i know. fallout four is most possibly the next game Bethesda is working on as trends go it was elder scrolls then fallout then elder scrolls now its fallout's turn. there has been many rumors of it being set in Boston which i feel is true it will be a direct sequel to fallout 3 Boston is believable because it is were the common wealth is which was referred to in the quest the replicated man in fallout 3 .three dog is expected to make an appearance due to a recent tweet from the dawg himself .there should also be an appearance from two new factions the institute and the railroad also referred to in fallout 3 .super mutants and the brotherhood of steel should play no role or very s…

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  • FalloutSpider


    October 1, 2012 by FalloutSpider

    ok it has came to my attention that my PSN account name isnt SpiderKiller but in fact is SpiderKliller thanks to my stupidity so add me if ur a fan : SpiderKliller

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  • FalloutSpider

    Playstation Network

    August 27, 2012 by FalloutSpider

    turns out my ps3 was unrepairable so i bought a new one and am an online gamer again add me on Playstation network if your a fan name = SpiderKiller

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  • FalloutSpider

    Right well lately i have been a pc gamer because my ps3 broke but iam sick of my laptop howling like a dog when i play fallout new vegas, and i downloaded fallout 3 from steam and it wont work .Here is the deal my top 5 games are all bethesda made with the exception of fallout new vegas being obsidian also. Fallout 3 was my fav game but skyrims beauty just changed that i love the elder scrolls and fallout series i love them equally fallout used to have my love but since skyrim its equal and skyrim is my favourite game now here is my top 5 1.Elder scrolls V Skyrim 2.Fallout 3 3.Fallout New Vegas 4.Elder scrolls IV Oblivion 5.Brink i know tho if Fallout 4 is as beautifully made as skyrim that it will take first place i would rather wait a wh…

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