Chapter 1:
                                             Troubled times

Auto diary 12. this is Andrew Grafton, i'm a security guard for vault 64, near Denton, Texas. Recently the vault's water purifier was damaged after a mysterious explosion. I and three others have volunteered to go out into the wasteland to find a water chip. The water chip, which was completely destroyed in the explosion, is the main part of the water purifier, which means we must survive on what we have until my group can scavenge a new one. Finding a water chip which will be particularly hard because they spread the vaults far and wide. The overseer said they can last up to 6 months if they ration. The information the overseer found on his terminal says the closest vault is vault 42 in New Mexico. It will take about three days to get there. I need to get some sleep so, auto diary 12. Grafton out.

                                               Chapter 2
                                             The journey

Auto diary 13. We have been waking for about a hour. My group is Michael, some techy, Mitch, a medic, and Allen, an engineer. This is all I can think of saying so, auto diary 13. Grafton out. Sir we have been walking forever. It's only been two hours Mitch. But it feels like years. The wasteland will do that to ya. This is stupid. Even if we do find the water chip, it will probably be rusted and destroyed. So what Mitch, then we will move on to the next one. What if there isn't another one. Well we will look. Yeah Mitch why ya have to be so negative. Well Michael, they sent us on a suicide mission for something we will probably never find. Oh won't you guys shut the hell up. Allen is right, you huys need to focus on the objective. I have a friend in vault 42 we me.. hold on, how do you know someone in vault 42. If you would let me finish I would tell you.

                                               Chapter 3
                                         The Guard from vault 42

Back when I was the emergency overseer, I made friends with another security guard in vault 42, he was talking about how they found a huge weapon stash in this secret armory down in the lower levels of the vault. Guy was... I don't know, it sounded like he was about to die of happiness. Sounds fun. Oh I bet it will be. Hey guys look at that sign. What sign Allen? Right over there see. Arizona Border armory. Wanna see if we can scavenge some new weapons. Couldn't hurt I guess. Well what are we standing here for, lets go. He's right were burning daylight. Once we get this done we will be close to the border won't we sir? Yes we will Mitch, yes we will. Halt, who dares trespass on our land.

                                               Chapter 4
                                             We meet again 

Well well well, looks like have ran into the BoS here. Is their a Sarah and Owyn Lyons here. Yes there is how, and how do you know there names. I'm old friends. We fought at the battle of Adams Air Force base and the battle of the Jefferson Memorial together. Oh, go on in. Thank you sir knight. No problem, friend of steel. Oh and where is Owyn's office. To the right when you enter. Thank you. Your welcome. Wow! this thing is like ten times bigger on the inside. Yep. Excuse me Owyn. Yes, who is it? My name is Andrew, Andrew Grafton. You might remember me from D.C. Andrew Grafton! Well if it isn't the Savior of the Capital Wasteland himself. Well I only did half, you guys did the rest. Well you were one person, We were a whole chapter. Ok but that is not what i'm here for, actually I kind of stumbled upon you. Oh really. Well what do you need.

                                               Chapter 5
                                         Explaining the problem