As someone who was sure of her capabilities in English, grammar, punctuation, and spelling, due to my former career as a newspaper reporter and editor, I have done my best to contribute my finest work here at the Vault, but like most of my edits, they have been reverted, erased. I have spent a lot of time trying to correct others' mistakes. I feel I am only sliding backwards, never forward, putting in a lot of effort, and then having it all undone. I wouldn't complain about it if I thought I was completely wrong and in most cases except this last one, because I was so sure it was right, I have agreed completely with all of the admins and editors on their suggestions. I felt my know-how was enough this time, and it wasn't enough. I have to admit it's upsetting to have all of your hard work undone. What's more upsetting is to know that even your faith in yourself is not enough either, and I am beginning to think I am not the a very good asset here at the Vault, far from it. I question myself, and that leaves me unsure of how to go about editing anything else here without "screwing it up completely." I am human and some things really do hurt. I don't want to lose my faith in the things that made my career a successful one. I know how to edit, I just don't know why it's not working here.