Published 4/17/13

The History

Fallout is known for having many subtle easter eggs in its games. Fallout 3 has many easter eggs that can be easily recognized but also many hidden gems. Calvin and Hobbes actually plays quite a big part in Fallout's easter eggs. However some of these easter eggs are so rare that not too many people have seen them yet, Fallout really is a game of wonder and discovery.

Sugar Bombs

The Sugar Bombs are actually a very easily recognized easter egg. Calvin's favorite cereal is Sugar Bombs. {UPDATE} if you watch the new E3 presentation, our new voiced character says "Sugar Bombs: 100% daily value of sugar." This line was used by Hobbes in a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip already.

Secret Characters

Now the main reason for this article is because of the Secret Characters. Yes thats right...Secret Characters hidden throughout the game usually containing hints about Calvin and Hobbes comics. Usually carrying randomized goods that you can pickpocket or kill them for. Such as Susan, Hobby, Cal, Rosalina, Mother, and Father. Cal being the only one that can actually speak to you. Very rare to see them but sometimes you can come at a good time. Susan is found in the womens restroom in megaton. Hobby is found on the hangar in Rivet City. Cal is found wondering around Springvale. Mother and Father is found hanging around Tenpenny Tower. And Rosalina wonders around outside of Paradise Falls, she is cleverly placed when you think about the comics. All of these are referring to Calvin and Hobbes.



-Butch is believed to be inspired by Calvins bully Moe

-And Amata is believed to be inspired by Susie, despite however Susan being the true character representing Susie.

-Todd Howard is a big fan of Calvin and Hobbes

-The houses in Vault 112 virtual reality simulator are inspired by Calvins house except on a smaller scale

These are rumors however except for the Todd Howard one

Well thats it, keep in mind that this is one of hundreds of different references within the Fallout universe.

Published by Bethesda Rep. Sam Wyman