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    100 Edits

    October 3, 2013 by

    Alright I have made currently 100 Edits to the Fallout Wikia! That's alot and I have had alot of fun doing it! Though I'll never compete with Agent C or other's amongst his rankings but someday... it'll happen.

    Thank you for all those who took well- there time to check out my page. Though... well... it's not so much mine but mu OC for my FanFiction but all the same!!

    THANKS !!!!

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    I have currently finished playing Fallout 3, all quests completed even with all of the DLC. I am currently working my way on Fallout: New Vegas and I am having a blast.

    {{Infobox character |name =Honey |Level =28 |race =Human, Caucasian |gender =Female |Favorite Weapon =Chinese assault rifle |Favorite Quest =ALL OF THEM!!! :D ... except the ones I had to do with Mustache Moira -_-

    That's all I will make a next post once I have completed Fallout: New Vegas.

    Have fun when you accomplish what I've done and hopefully farther when Fallout 4 comes out!

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