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  • FDekker

    Working with newcomers

    February 17, 2018 by FDekker

    Newcomers often make mistakes, and that's OK. When newcomers with good intentions are punished or scared off for their mistakes, that's not OK.

    In this blog post I will describe how not to scare off newcomers.

    The following points summarise the advice in this post:

    1. Assume good faith
    2. Revert responsibly
      1. Prefer improving over removing
      2. Explain your reasoning in edit summaries
      3. Prefer undo over rollback
    3. Ignorance of the rules may excuse breaking them.
    4. Encourage new users to continue editing.
    5. Try to avoid the notice template.

    Newcomers are an important part of our community. They bring us new perspectives and information about articles and our community. Without them, we would miss the essential Water of Life, without which we would go stale and our communi…

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  • FDekker

    Reverting responsibly

    February 9, 2018 by FDekker

    Reverting is easy, but not always constructive. Being reverted can feel like a slap in the face and may cause edit wars where they could easily have been prevented.

    In this blog post I will describe how to revert responsibly.

    To prevent confusion, I will define some of the terms I use throughout this post.

    • To undo is to click the "undo" button at the top of a diff page.
    • To rollback is to click the "rollback" button at the top of a diff page. The rollback and the edit that was rolled back will be hidden from the Recent Wiki Activity page. This option is only available to patrollers and up.
    • To revert is to remove the effects of one or more revisions. Reverting is not necessarily done by undoing or rolling back an edit, as manually removing the contents …

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