Hello fallout wiki I think the songs in Fallout 3 are grate for Fallout 3

hears my list 1.) enemy - Greenday 2.) little girl - Greenday 3.) 21 centenary brake down - Greenday 4.) last Americana girl - Greenday 5.) 21 guns - Greenday

i pick these songs because wean you listen too the words it is what Fallout is all about a dog eat dog world and you just got too be ready for anything in the world or anything it will throw at you Like in all their songs there is a meaning that you have to listen for that most won’t know. The only reason I am talking about this is that my other blog your people made fun of just because of a few spelling errors. You guys think that you can be almighty. Just cause someone spelled something wrong. guess what ADD and dyslexia is no laughing matter it is a serious learning disability and just because you don’t have it doesn’t make you almighty. ‘Cause like sometimes it’s better it’s better to understand things clearer and know the inner meaning than to know how to spell properly. Your brain can recognize words just by the beginning and ending letters. So do not give me some bullshit about having to spell right for someone to read it Because that’s fucking fake! That is why I write this Blog!