July, 3 2077 these are records of an enclave soldiers diary:

My name is Sgt. Richard Peterson. I am a soldier in presedent John Henry Edens army, a damb fine army. Today our assignment was to clear out the feral ghouls in a metro tunnel that is full of useful supplies. I was with four other soldiers, we only can spare four soldiers because we need as many troops as we can to fend off the brotherhood of steel.

                               July, 4 2077 part two of an  enclave soldiers diary

We ended up in the tunnel after an hour of searching but the tunnel was full of ghouls and we had know ammo to spear, so I through a plasa grenade and killed many of the ghouls. Befor I knew it the place was surronded with brotherhood of steel. We had hardley any ammo to spare,so there was only one thing we could do.

We sent a private out with a grenade behind his back and ran towards the BoS and sacrificed him self for the secrets of the enclave he was a good man. He killed the Brotherhood of steel that tried to capture us. We had the chance so we found the supplies and fell back to our outpost just north of raven rock.

                          July, 5 2077 part three of an enclave soldiers diary

After clearing out the tunnel we stayed at our camp just outside of rave rock. So now we only had three men including myself and the other two men were only privates and weren't as experienced as i was. It was three o'clock in the morning, I was finnaly about to fall asleep when out of the corner of my eye I saw a death claw. I turned around took out my plasma rifle and shoot the death claw two times in the head it was dead. My men were sleeping they didn't even know what happened. And about an hour later i fell asleep.

                    July, 6 2077 part four final part of enclave diary

When I woke up I was not in my camp I was in an Brotherhood of steel controled prison. I had to escape but how, thats when I saw a BoS gaurd open my cage and whipserd in my ear BYE BYE and shot me in my chest. He thought I was dead but I woke up an hour later. He forgot to lock my gate so I ran to the BoS armory. I picked up my gear and a plasma rifle and ran for the exit.

I made it out side and there i saw Elder lions talking to a BoS captain they didn't see me so I shot the captain in the head but I shot Lions in the leg as a warning. I ran into a vertibird and flew back to raven rock and tell Presedent Eden.

But when I got there all hell was breaking lose, Enclave guards were being kill by BoS and President Edens's mainframe was shot, Presedent Eden was dead! Then a BoS soldier shot me and UGH!!

                            End Transmission