• Evansheretoo

    July, 3 2077 these are records of an enclave soldiers diary:

    My name is Sgt. Richard Peterson. I am a soldier in presedent John Henry Edens army, a damb fine army. Today our assignment was to clear out the feral ghouls in a metro tunnel that is full of useful supplies. I was with four other soldiers, we only can spare four soldiers because we need as many troops as we can to fend off the brotherhood of steel.

    July, 4 2077 part two of an enclave soldiers diary

    We ended up in the tunnel after an hour of searching but the tunnel was full of ghouls and we had know ammo to spear, so I through a plasa grenade and killed many of the ghouls. Befor I knew it the place was surronded with brotherhood of steel. We had hardley any ammo to spare,so thereā€¦

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