fallout 5 should be more of an adventure and should have more in it yes you are a curier but what if you had more than being somebody what if you were a some one what if you didn't start od small in a waste land living in a shack what if you started at the top saints row the third did it so why can't we.

ideas for the start of fallout 5 should start you off in a building and you are a slave to some unknown tribe and your cell mate might not want to stay their eny more so you break out after you break out you find that you cell mate was your best friend and he had a place for you to live little did you know you have forgotten about your past life and you cell mate takes you to a town that is guarded you wonder what is going on and you find that the people in the town see you as a great leader as you go around the town you start to peace everything to gether and someone comes up to you and says that the town is under attak you go to the front gate and your guard are fighting the enemy that took you from your town so you step in to help after the battle the leader of the tribe says that they will be back with abigger army so lets hope you are prepaired for it.

then you have to go around doing quests to get good karma their is a good side and a bad side but which one do you choose at the end of the game you should have to go to the people that like you so that you have a bigger army to fight of the tribe mabey have the boomers back and the NCR and the Enclave remnants and the brotherhood of steel so that you can have them fight by your side in a big battle. or if you want the bad side you could have something like the legion again but this time thair romans or some wier lizzard army that have evolved in to green scaly human mutants and thay should have a name for the battel just like the battle of hoover dam as this is thair last fallout thay should call it fallout the battle of the ages or the battle to end all time

game info: you should be able to controlle your own town and have a choice in what you want your workers to do if you hire someone you could have them as a guard or a robot manufacturer to make armed robots sort of like the ones by mr house the securatrons and you can change their settings so that you can have them shoot the trbes ou don't like. you should be able to have 5 to 10 followeres but if you want a robot with you. you have to have two robots so that it can ballance the group and have two dogs robot or normal and a couple of people that are armed.