Hello, or hell if thats more your speed, I'll be doing rants from now on, mostly because I am always angry and this is my only way of getting it out. I do rants on relevant wikias and I have little to complain about in Fallout, but I am still going to b*tch on about it. Also the whole mystisicm bull I tried to pull orginally is over and I'm gonna be pretty freakin' blunt. Although, there is one thing you have probably already noticed, I censor. Trolls everywhere has smelt blood now, so I should start running before they call the muties, in the Elder Scrolls wikia I would use the {{DragonScript|Dragonscript|2}} thing to make censors but that doesn't wok here, I think. So I'll be complaining soon, feel free to comment whatever you wish, I am not goin to be a pussy about it.