You know, I don't usually have beef with anybody, but boy am I angry. No, its not because I didn't win a copy of Lonesome Road. Would it have been nice? Of course. Am I disappointed that I didn't win? Who wouldn't be. But in all seriousness, the winners of this lottery are utter bullcrap. You have this Smashura character who has four edits. Four edits. No edits to actual articles, but one of them being on the giveaway signup. As if that wasn't bad enough, then you get this FalloutMMA suck. A person who made an account for the sole purpose of entering the contest. If that isn't bull, I don't know what is. The rest of the winners I have no problems with as they seem to be trying to improve this wiki and make it the best it can be. If this wiki decides to give anything else away, I would like to recommend some kind of requirement, such as edit count or account creation date so the real users of this wiki don't get cheated out of a fair chance.

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