Alright, I wanted to be able to spread my Fallout 4 Wishlist/Ideas to people who will actually be able to see them and comment about them. So this my Fallout 4 Wishlist, please read, enjoy, and comment.

LOCATION -Somewhere in the Midwest, preferably in Minnesota or a surrounding area. -Not in California because I feel there have been enough Fallout games in that area and would like to see something new. (personal opinion). -Midwestern area would also allow us to see the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel.

STORY -Not a whole lot of opinions about this, but would like to see a more branching storyline, like more choices that you make affect the game more. An example would be like in Fallout 3 where you can choose whether or not to blow up Megaton, because what you choose will affect the game deeply, not like a lot of the choices where it just affects that mission. -Would also like to see more faction options like in Fallout:New Vegas, where you could actually side with a specific faction and see the game through that factions eyes, but would like to be able to actually join the faction, not just work for them. Also, joining a specific faction will give you special benefits and bonuses for joining that faction. -Would also like a much longer main story and what you choose actually affects the wasteland in major ways, like a creation of new towns, destruction of towns, and affect NPC's more.

GAMEPLAY -Would like to see a majority of the old guns plus new ones. -More companion options, and bring back the companion wheel. -Would like companions and other NPC's to affect the storyline more, and can change the outcome and way you see the mission. Example: In Fallout:New Vegas, you could kill Caesar, the leader of the Legion, now normally you would think that killing the Legion's leader would have more devastating effects, but killing him didn't change the storyline or game in almost anyway, so I would like the companions and NPC's to have more affect on the story. -Would like the ability to create and destroy factions. Creation example: You could actually create your own faction and recruit people, and the more people you recruit you can actually create your own settlements or take over other settlements and claim them as your own. Destroy example: You could actually get rid of factions and completely change the wasteland, like, lets say in Fallout:New Vegas, you could destroy the Great Khans, not just kill their leader or anything, but literally kill every member of that faction and make to where they aren't in the wasteland anymore, and once you do you will get a message saying that that faction is no longer in the game and will change the wasteland and story completely. -Would like locations to be more important or have some sort of story connected to that place like a lot of the Fallout 3 locations. -New enemy types. -Make weapon and ammo mods easier to get. -New weapon mods. -More random encounters, but they have more meaning and references of previous Fallout games connected to them. -More people that you can meet while wandering the wastes that will give you missions and more side missions. -Would like side missions to affect main story more. -More companion missions, like where you have to do side missions related to that companions background, and the more of their missions you do, the more loyal and powerful they become. -Dogmeat -More unique weapons. -Make unique weapons more powerful but harder to get. -Make unique weapons like the alien blaster, as in that is the only weapon of that type their is, not just based off some gun in the game. -More in depth weapon creation. -Updated graphics, preferably the engine that was used for The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim. -More references to previous Fallout games. -Be able to travel in convoys with your faction.

OTHER OPINIONS -No vehicles, not even if the map was extremely huge, because between vehicles and fast travel, travel would be way to easy, besides, vehicles take away that whole, wandering the wastes idea, I think the only way vehicles could be their is if they took fast travel out. -No multiplayer, just don't think it would work especially with the bugs and glitches the games have while played normally, save it for a possible future PC MMO.


Well, that is my Fallout 4 Wishlist, though I probably forgot some stuff, I hope you enjoyed reading about my ideas and will get new ones based off them. Please comment.