• Enhergeiz

    Vanity is Fair

    December 19, 2010 by Enhergeiz

    AN: Constructive criticism is welcome. Let me know if there are any inconsistancies or things that can be improved. I'm currently looking for a Beta if anyone's interested.

    Pairing: Benny/Male Courier

    Summary: Now the Courier isn't exactly Mother Theresa, however, in this day and age he comes close to third. Next in line compared to the Followers of Apocalypse. You'd have to be if you're letting Benny off the hook. The Courier is already questioning his own decision to let Benny tag along for the Battle of Hoover Dam but one things for sure; The future doesn't always follow a straight line.

    Sand and gravel stretched on for miles with no end in sight. Occasionally, these same sands would turn against them and blow in their faces, but thankfull…

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