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Day in the Brotherhood


The Wastes

Eth, Duncan, Louis, Albina, Ryan and the caravaneers travel the Wasteland.

  • Ryan suddenly asks: "So what are we searching for?"
  • "I copied the information from the RobCo Facility. From the holodisk we found, a Brothehood of Steel base should be near. Ah, it seems we found the rock - we are here." Louis responds and he says to the rock: "Prime choice is MADE OF PEOPLE!"
  • Though his teamates wonder why did he say that, a voice starts to ask: "Who are you? How do you know the password?"
  • "I'm Louis, and these are my friends. We were to say "forced" to get to the RobCo Factory to rescue some mutants. Apparently, we found a buddy of yours dead with the holodisk."
  • "While you are outsiders, you must be speaking the truth. Brother Itchu will be recorded as a noble warrior. I'll open the door and tell us what you saw there."

The ground shakes, opening a hole. All climb down and they see a man in power armor, just like the one they found in RobCo Factory.

  • "Impressive armor, is that a T-51b model?" Ryan asks.
  • "Yes, it is. Only the members of the Brotherhood can wear it. You must have been a scientist that worked in Army before the War, otherwise you couldn't have known it. So can you tell us what happened at the base?" The Paladin asks.
  • "Bots take my friends. Me got angry, smashed the bots, BAM-BAM!" Eth replies, although cruedly.
  • "Let me try, Eth." Duncan starts to speak: "Louis and his friends looked for Albina, as the raiders took her. We got out of their headquaters, but were soon captured by mutants. Their leader asked us to go to the RobCo Factory and locate some of the missing mutants. Appearantly, robots started to attack us there. However, I turned down the master control computer and we got here. Oh, and Louis found the holodisk and the dogtags from the fallen comrade of yours. All the robots there are still active, but they aren't hostile"
  • "That was some excellent work! Honestly, I didn't thought Outsiders could do such a thing. I'll inform of the others about this - a squad with some Scribes will go there and analyze the information. As for you, you have a gratitude of the Brotherhood - you can rest here for a day." The Paladin shows the gratitude.
  • "How come you make the decisions here? And who are you?" Guido asks.
  • "We who wear power armor have the microphones - our Elder can contact us, she has been hearing you all this time. And I'm Senior Paladin Chad."
Fo2 Enclave Oil Rig Barracks

The BoS base

The gang spreads out - Eth trains using surperior technology (which he is unusually good at), Albina attends at the Scribe lessons (along with Louis, though they pay attention to each other than the class), Duncan looks at the weaponry the Brotherhood has (and being amazed), Ryan shares knowledge with Scribe Sunne (and she with Ryan), whle the caravaneers relax. After a while, the Paladins and the Scribes tell them to go to the Elder.

The Elder is an old woman, yet she seems to have a power of dominance in the Brotherhood and she seems not to be have lost respect and loyalty of others.

FO02 NPC Tandi N

Elder of the Brotherhood

  • "I have risked a lot of Brotherhood of Steel's many rules. I still would have to make a lot of procedures if one of my surperiors on Western Coast was here, maybe even a pernament exile from the Brotherhood... but I have a lot of respect for your skills. I have considered to make you all Paladins, but you would have to make a lot of contributions. Fortunately, you can be assigned to recover holodisks from the missing Paladins. We sent two to the south-west, while 3 other were sent to the east. Your mission is to take the holodisks and to get out - with Paladins, if able. Have I made myself clear?" All confirm by shaking heads, while the Elder dismisses them.
  • A new day starts and the gang gout out of the bunker. The voice from the rock speaks: "Good luck, fellas. You are going to need it."

Devils in Red Garments

The gang has gone east in search for the lost Paladin. They all stop when they see some people in red grments, composed of sports equipment.

  • "Move along Wastelanders. This land belong to Caesar's Legion. If you are here to trade, go to our base, Etruscian, just south of here." One of the men says.
  • "Thank you, we were going there." Duncan says and then he tells to Louis (hushed): "These people are slavers to Caesar's Legion. Very militaristic, very strict, so you need to be brave. I belive the Paladin here is enslaved."
  • "We should check out the base. See if there is anyone who knows about him." Louis replies.

They managed to go to the Etruscian. The guards search them for any illegal substances and take them. The slaves who serve the men are certainly frightened and the men seem tough and motionless. The gang stops to the trader.

  • "We would like to buy some supplies. Ammo, water, food etc." Albina says to the trader.
  • "Here you go. That would be 300 caps. Thanks for buying." The trader replies, though he seems to be focused more on Louis.
  • "So, do you know of any captives lately? Maybe aperson with some high-tech?" Albina asks the trader.
Crazy Wolfgang

The trader

  • "I might know something. I will tell you if you give me the ring you have there, boy. Otherwise no info." Though Louis seems troubled with the ring, he still gives the trader. "Anything for rescuing the guy."
  • "Ah, nice ring. There was a man passing through and the guards holding a laser rifle. Go to the slave pen and he will have a mark on his shoulder."

Louis and others go to the pens, but they don't see any. They asked the slavemaster if there was any Paladin here, but there was nobody. Louis quickly comes down, only seeing the cart with supplies there.

  • "That fraud! He is going to pay one day!" Louis notices a paper on the floor, only seeing that it is a fraction of the diary - the trader is going to Boshingtown.

They all go to the place where the leader of the camp is, but were stopped by a guard.

  • "Centurion Mikael is busy and he won't have a word with common Wastelanders." The guard says, stopping them from entering the camp.
  • "This can't get any worse! Ah, fine. How do we please him so we may speak to him?" Louis asks the guard.
  • "You can become a member of Caesar's Legion, but you are too weak for us. However, the Centurion likes fighting, so try the Arena and hope he gets your attention."

The gang comes to the northern side of the camp where the Arena is. Many tents are placed, but Louis thinks that there are more soldiers than the beds in tents.

They manage to speak with Decanus Gorrila who is in charge of making the fights.

Legion Arena

Etruscian arena

  • "I must warn you - the fight is to the death. Either you win or you die. Makes things simple. From the looks of you, I don't suggest you to fight - but hey, who am I to judge such things? You still for this?"
  • Louis thinks for a moment, then says (heartily): "Yes, I am!"

Golden Blood

Louis enters the arena, not aware of any threat. Dressed in Legion Gladiator armor and wearing a (t)rusty machete in his hand, he proceeds to the center. He hears Decanus Gorilla's voice speaking and sees some Legionarries watching the upcoming fight.

  • "So, you want your blood to become stronger, eh? Then, Legionarries, let us see if he will succeed in this task and come out alive!" The Decanus speaks and the gate opens.

From the gate emerge two people. Both of them are male, but they seem to have some scars on their hands. They wear some brass knuckles and eagirly attack Louis. Louis dodges the attacks and manages to kill the people without much effort.

  • "Let's see... Louis's blood power raised from 0 to 5%. That is wimpy! But many challenges await for you." Gorilla commands his men to release more powerful... creatures.

The next opponents are 2 Yao Guai. The bears seem to be alot more trouble, as Louios manages to get 5 wounds from the bears. However, he eventually killes them and eats their meat.

As he killed the bears, more people arrive and even begin to bet on Louis's success.

  • "You are betting on me? Why would you...?" His sentence is stopped by a Legion member: "As the national saying goes "Take drugs, kill a bear!", so don't mess up!"

One of the glowing ones, emitting radiation

Suddenly, 3 glowing ones seem to see Louis as lunch.

The radiation is not the only thing Louis must worry about, as there could be more fights, yet the glowing ones seem merciless about killing Louis.

He attacks only at their heads. However, they use the radiation to heal themselves, which is another problem, but one by one they fall. At last, on his last powers, he managed to beat the glowing ones.

  • Even the Centurion appears and is amazed by his skill. Nevertheless, Gorilla speaks again: "I have to say that I did not expect you to survive. However, I think I hear from the Legionarries the boss battle! Are you up for it, Louis? Oh, what am I saying, of course you do. Bring the Meatsaucer!"

Meatsaucer, an unknown human

  • The whole camp cheers, as ta big thing emerges. It has a strane mask, but it seems very powerful. The battle begins!

The Meatsaucer attacks Louis, but he manages to evade some attacks. However, the last one had him stuck to the arena's wall.

The Meatsaucer charges to attack Louis with a final hit with his sledgehammer, but Louis gets free and once again evades the attack. He knocks the Meatsaucer down by delivering a critical hit to his groin. The Meatsaucer falls down and screams in agony. Then Louis makes a final hit, severing his head and showing it to the soldiers.

  • "The Tyrant is down, boys." "The soldiers cheer and Gorilla speaks to Louis, showing a lot of respect, honor, and a bag of caps." "That was delicious as eating a Fancy Lad. In pre-War days, anyway. Here is a bag of caps and I believe you might want to speak to the Centurion. He was asking for you and showed a great respect. Go to his tent, champ!"

Louis enters the Centurion's camp. It seems much more luxurious than the rest of the camps. However, Louis turns around and the Centurion points his shotgun at him. Could this be the end of...?

Go West, Young (Wo)Man

  • "Hah! I like it when I do this. Always see the men caught by suprise, like a little girl. Okay, may I ask why have you come here?" The Centurion asks, nervously.
  • Louis deeply thinks, 'cause the next thing he might say might cost his life. Before the Centurion points the shotgun, he finally made up his mind. "I'd like to buy a slave - not an ordinary slave, but a slave from the Brotherhood of Steel."
  • The Centurion seems impressed by Louis's answer and replies: "You got some balls to ask me, shithead. But I like men with such courage, could use them more on the battlefield. However, I'm in a need of a slaver. A group of slaves that were going into the wastes eventually "rebelled" and killed our slavers. I want you to capture them. If that cannot be achieved, then kill them. The slaver master will give you some weapons and gear for the "delivery". Have I made myself clear?"
  • "Yes, my Centurion. I will do it."

Louis gets out with his friends. They all wonder what they need to do.

  • "Can you say where are we going? Is it another skull craking?" Duncan asks.
  • "We are supposed to look for a bunch of slaves who got out of slavers' hands." Louis replies, with Albina looking a bit nervous. After some time, they see some tracks. "Those must be the slaves. I can see by the amount of tracks, and, f course, the broken slave collars."

By the following night, the gang followes the tracks, when suddenly they hear people discussing, so they hide behind the nearest rock.

  • "So, what do you propose? They will hunt us, and not even NCR will help us, neither any city around us!" The woman yells.
  • "Calm down, Marianne. You weren't the brightest woman here, so let me explain. See, there *must* be a city that will accept us. Besides, you think being in Legion was any better?" ""
  • "I agree, Shade, but-" Marianne is interrupted when Louis comes in. "So, I hear you are being former slaves. Is it true, then?"
Slave Fighter

One of the scarred slaves

The slaves raise their weapons and begin to shoot, but Eth throws a smoke bomb that makes the slave sleepy and dizzy. It does not take a minute for the slaves to sleep and make the gang attach the collars on the slaves. The next morning, the slaves began to wake up... in a cell.

  • "I am impressed. Of course, we gave you the equipment, but most slaves wake up before reaching the slave compound. Well, here are some caps and your Brotherhood slave." The Centurion says, quite happily.
  • "Let's go to the base, I don't like this place. At all." The Brotherhood initiate says, to which Louis replies: "Yes, let's go- Wait, where is Albina?"
  • "I do not like to say, but she abandoned us. She said that you can't be trusted when you brought the slaves and never wishes to see you. Duncan tried to stop her, but she wawed her gun at him, so he let her go." The caravan leader replies, to which Louis replies: "I... cannot... believe... she got away..."

Man's Best Friend

  • "She done what?" - Eth asks, but soon realises what she had done.
  • "We have to continue our task, the Elder counts on us." Duncan suggests that they should continue.

The men carry the slaves to the compound. The Centurion himself arrives, looking very pleased with the success.

  • "You made it, with all slaves unscathed! I am impressed. Here, you can have the slave you so much wanted. I'm not usually like this, but since that dog causes nothing but trouble, here - take him as well."
  • "Thank you for rescuing me! I am grateful, and so does our Elder. I think she would like to congratulate you, but please let me come with you until the compound.
  • "Very well, you can come wi- Hey, what is that dog doing to you?" The dog barks at Ryan, making him very frustrated.
  • "Even dogs hate ghouls... hmph! Eth is disgusted by the fact...

And so did they travel back to the bunker. They had no exceitment, though they did see a lot of cars (crashed, of course). After 2 days, the dog begins to bark - a lot.

  • "What is it, boy? Something wrong?" Louis asks the dog.
  • "In my youth, I had a dog. She always yelled when trouble was near. Maybe the dog is sensing the same?" Guido replies.

Suddenly, they hear something - it are floaters! Their gruesome appearance disgusts everyone, even the dog, so they begin to attack them. Little did they realise that more and more floaters are on the way.

  • "Mwuaha! De thingz are fragile!" Eth rallies everyone.
  • "However, Duncan and Guido are hurt by their attacks. The dog witnesses this and sees a shiny thing around the junk and runs to it. It is a flamer and Eth goes to take it. He burns the flamers down, pleasing everyone." "Good doggie! I know you be de perfect centaur monsters." The dog begins to lick him.

However, Guido and Duncan are posioned. Amazefully, the dog finds another thing - an antidote lying in the scrap. Louis applies the antidote to them and they recover fast enough.

  • "I think I will name the dog Beagle. Aren't you a sweet little doggie, Beagle? Aren't you?" The dog happily barks and is given a treat.
  • Duncan mutters: "The dog is helpful... a bit too much."