This is a text novel. People from Nukapedia (as well as the actions made here) will be referenced here. So, enjoy!

The story is about Louis, a 17-year old boy who lives in the little villiage of Waterspin. He takes care for yourself, since his parents died because they were killed one day in a fight with raiders. Nowadays, he works with Mr. Pleosrta in a bar. It was a peaceful life... until one day everything changed.

The Beginning

VB DD06 npc Adrian Beyr

Mr. Pleosrta, Louis's boss

Louis's boss, Mr. Pleosrta has ordered him to sweep the floor. Louis uses the broom and sweep. Suddenly, 4 men in leather jackets come into the bar.

  • "Could you sweep outside, please?" Mr. Pleosrta said.
  • "Sure, just say if you need anything more, Boss."' Louis says.

Louis gets out, having to sweep the dust from the floor. Suddenly, he hears a gun shot. Louis hides, seeing the guys in the jackets come out. When they walked away, Louis quickly goes in the bar, seeing his Boss dying.

  • "Boss! I need to take you to the doctor! Where are the healing spplies?" Louis says.
  • "No, my time... is over, I have been here... for over *cough* fifty years. You... get the revenge... on the guys..."' Mr. Ploestra says his final words.
  • He dies. Louis screams loudly: "NOOOO!!!"

So, before he buries him, Louis found a code for his computer - D@ddyZHOM3. You enter the password and the nearby safe opens. Louis opens it and he discovers some loot - a laser pistol, 9mm pistol, energy cells, 400 caps and a switchblade.

Later, Louis gets to his girlfriend, Albina, who is also willing to get revenge on those men. She's the most popular person in the villiage Later, she goes to the Saint's shop.

  • "Can you give us some supplies?" Albina asks Saint.
  • "Sure, for a pretty lady like you, anything!" Saint replies.
VB DD12 npc Ginger Flowers

Doc Holliday

So, after the visit to the store, they go to the doctor Holliday for additional supplies, though she was frightened.

  • "You can't fight! You're barely 17." Holliday says, in fear.
  • "Don't worry doc, we have everything we need!" Louis says, inspirated.

Trouble in Waterspin

Before midnight, Albina comes in Louis's room.

  • "So what if we can't beat them? What if they overpower us?" Albina says, desperate.
  • "We have to try! If we do nothing, who knows what they'll do?" Louis says, angrily.
  • "Oh, honey, you said it with inspiration! I'll join you in the fight, knowing we fight against the crime!"

They say to each other goodbye.

Tomorrow, 5 men came into town - one more man has joined them.

  • "Kinnda' quiet out here... almost too quiet." Their leader says.

Suddenly, people started to shoot them! The men in jackets were suprised, so that the leader only lived when he reached the gun. He dropped it when Louis was poining his gun at his head.

  • "You cannot win this fight! How could you kill my boss like that?" Louis says "And who are you!?"
  • "I'm... I'm Yako. I was... hired to... kill the man because he owed us...
  • "And you think killing someone is the best reason?"
  • "I don't... know... What if I... give you this... and you let me go?"


He reaches to his pocket for a strange looking device.

  • "What's that? Do not test my patience!"' Louis says, and reaches for his gun.
  • "I think it is a Pip-Pad, a device which oversees your functions and organises your inventory." Albina responds.
  • Louis thinks for a moment then he says: "I will take that AND you will come with us tracking these guys who hired you. If you refuse, I'll personaly blow your head off!"
  • "Fine then. We're going to Gorwin - there is where I work." Yako says.

The Tunnels of Gorwin

So, they go to the city of Gorwin. During the travel, Louis and Albina still look after Yako (they even tie him when they go to sleep).

After 2 days, they manage to go to city of Gorwin. Yako leads them to a bar.

  • "Ready your weapns, Albina." Louis says.
  • "They are here." Yako points on the back door.

The 3 of them start shooting. Not much after the police officer comes in here, muttering how "they took care of the problem".

  • "You're free to go, then. But don't send assassins or we will find you." Louis threathens Yako.
  • "Actually, one of the reasons I helped you is that I want to be in charge. And you just helped me. Thanks." Yako throws a bag of bottle caps as well.

When you and Albina got out of the bar, she spoke with the locals. They are in desperate need of water. They had a well in the tunnels, but vermin infested 'em."

  • "We need to find that well, Louis. Best to start by talking with the Mayor." Albina says.
Joseph Steyn

The Mayor

They went to the Mayor's office. Unsuprisingly, the Mayor was rich, given the jewelry he had.

  • "You here about the job or what?" Mayor says, although rude.
  • "Yes. We're here about the problem with the water." Louis says.
  • "Well goddamn! Was time someone picks it. Allright, I offer you 400 bottle caps for killing ALL vermin."
  • "Ooh, you really are charmins. Can you just give us more? You really don't want to see scars on this little girl." Albeina attempts to persuade him.
  • "You have very big... Oh, sorry. All right, 500 caps. My final offer." Louis begins to suspect about the first part, but ignores it.
  • "Yes, we'll take it." Albina says, cheerfully.
  • "Great! Here's the key to the tunnels. You might want to ask that crazy man, Jack about his dog." The Mayor dissmisses Louis and Albina.
Broken Hills underground

The tunnels

Louis and Albina managed to find Jack. He kept squabbling about his missing dog. You can't help him but find the dog.

They entered the tunnels. It was dark, spooky, with some giant rats at every corner. Though they were easy to kill, Louis thinks that there are more dangerous ones at bottom levels. And he was sorta right - more rats and even geckos appear.

The Mole rat Queen

Though more rats and geckos appear, Albina and Louis are unharmed. There was a cave from which Louis hears howling.

  • "We need to check that cave." Louis says to Albina.

Though they encounter more rats, they found a dog. It has brown fur.

  • "Come 'ere, boy!" Albina manages to convince the dog they are not a threat.

On the 3rd level, Albina, Louis and the dog managed to find the well. It appears that they cleared all vermin, however...

...however, they found an unusually large mole rat. It appears to "control" the vermin.

The Brain

The mole rat, with red eyes

  • "It must be a ruler of some sort." Albina says. "Whatever it is, we need to attack the mole rat."
  • "Agreed. Huzzah!" Louis attacks with a baseball bat.

Unlike the other vermin, this one isn't killed in one turn. It attacks back, wounding Louis. Alberta and the dog attack the mole rat.

  • "Hurry, I'm bleeding over here!" Louis says in agony.

Then the mole rat turns to Albina. Louis grabs a 10mm pistol and shoots it in one of the eyes.

  • "Bullseye!"

Then Louis uses a stimpak and with Albina and the dog they reach for the surface.

  • "Jackie, my dog! Thank you for rescuing him. Here is something for your trouble." Jack hands over some 10mm ammo.
  • "Why, uh, thanks." Louis says, confused.

At the Mayor's office, the Mayor was pleased with the outcome, giving 500 caps.

  • "Thank you mister. Do you know of any other towns in the region?" Albina asks.
  • "There have been reposrts of ghouls in a Vault in the mountains in north. Maybe that'll satisfy your curiosity."
  • "Then there's where we are headed!" Louis says.

Safety of the Old

  • "Come on, Louis, we haven't got all day!" Albina says, angrily.
  • "Okay, let me pack this up. We're about 2 days in these mountanis and we still haven't found the Vault." Louis answers her.

Sometimes there is a heavily noise of breathing heard in these mountains, so they go away from the source of it. After a while, they walk through these mountains. Suddenly, Alberta falls through the ground.

  • "Albina! I'm coming for you, honey!" Louis says (in a despereate voice).
  • "I'm fine-" Albina responds, shortly before being disrupted by a ghoul.
  • "Our systems are failing, Cly. Find the repairmen or someone else, just get that hole fixed!" The ghoul says.

Cly, the ghoul

  • "Tssk. As if I'm here all day to listen to your fucking commands. Cly, do this, Cly do that - and what's the deal wth the smoothskin here?" "Cly, an another ghoul, responds. "
  • "We're adventurers, hoping to get some money." Louis responds.
  • "Am I supposed to be impressed to see people getting killed? Anyway, the female smoothskin needs a doctor."

The Vault has many reactors, rooms and whatever nonsense. Louis gets the feeling something is funny about this Vault (and it ain't the ghouls, despite the fear seen in their eyes). When they got to the doctor, she healed Alberta's wounds, but he advised that she should stay for a day, at least.


The Vault's doctor

  • "So, what's so strange about this Vault? Something is not right here." Louis asks, with a bit of fear.
  • "From the holodisks we have, the Vault supposedy had people who changed their jobs every week. The number of the Vault is scratched, the jumpsuits long gone. So yeah, it is strange." The doctor says.
  • "So, thanks for stitching Albina up. How can we repay you?"
  • "You can get rid of some deathclaws near the Vault. With so many of them having around, you don't know when they will attack. You can have my assistant, Ryan, as backup." The doctor replies.
  • "I'll be more than happy to assist this smoothskin as a part of your experiments, doc!" Ryan says.

After that, Louis and Ryan got out of the room. Louis asks Ryan for some tour, but they are interrupted by some ghoul followers.

  • "These are rebels. They think they have teachings of their father - a guy who calls himself a troll, wears hat of dead and wields a tesla cannon. You can guess what it might be." Ryan explains.

T&he night came. The two fellas, Louis and Ryan, waited for a long time. Suddenly, 6 deathclaws appear! Louis and Ryan begin to shoot... but not at them, but at the traps Louis designed. A great explosion occurs, killing the deathclaws.

  • "My, I think one of them was their leader. So, we took the care of the problem." Ryan happily cheers.

The next morning, Albina hugs Louis (and Ryan) for the succsess.

  • "Doc, I decided that I should go. I will go with these smoothskins on a quest journey as a knowledge prospector - someone who searches for the pre-War and post-War knowledge."
  • "Too bad, but you can go as you wish. Well, return to us what you found, 'kay?" The doc says.
  • "We'll take care of him. So, goodbye doc." Alberta says.

The two Towers

After speaking with some of the ghoul residnts, Louis, Alberta and Ryan go back into the Wastes. Before midnight, they spot two gigantic towers. Must be pretty important.

  • "I've heard of thsi place before. It is supposed to be a hotel of some sort. From the rumors, some fancy people moved in." Ryan says.
  • When they approach the front gate, they see a sign - Skyrim towers. Suddenly, from the nearby intercom a voice says: "Are you a blue or red one?"
  • "Uh.. None?" Louis says, seeing that even his companions are confused, too.
  • "That's good, because we need any help we can get. I'll let you in." After the voice, the gate opens.

A person appers in front of them, dressed in blue garments.

  • "I'm Zerg Krause. I speak for the Blue Union. We have to defeat the Red Commies."
  • "Can you explain to us?" Alberta asks.
  • "These two towers were here before the War. Some of us found it, but people started to revolt who should be in charge. People got killed, all because of the ownership." Zerg says.
  • "So you want us to take car of the problem? Beacuse we'd like to." Albina responds.
  • "Great! Just get some evidence that the Reds will kick Mr. Trac out." Zerg says.

Inside the Blue tower, people are turning to Louis, Ryan and Alberta. After Zerg explains the situation, they all start to do talk. Not sure what about - the "guests" or the "situation". So, Zack guides them to his boss - Mr. Trac. Before they enter the room, Ryan puts something in his pocket.

FO01 NPC Decker B

Jesse Andrews, the owner of the Blue Tower

  • "So you want a job now. All right, prove that the Communists' leader is wrong. Do that and you'll get your money." Jesse, the Blue's leader, says.

So, they dress up as Commies and proceed to the 2nd tower (people got upset seeing Louis, Albina and Ryan in the costumes). So they proceed to the tower. They stop when they see a man in red clothes (almost seems blood-like).

  • "You got what it takes to be Commies, soldiers? Drink this and ye'll good to go, otherwise go to jail." The man says.

Louis, Alberta and Ryan drink from the bottle. Suddenly, a strong force hits their heads.

  • "Yer' tough. Most people wouldn't survive that. I'm Lion. Come in." The man leads them in.

Unlike the previous tower, this one smells of booze and smokes. Not even Mr. Pleostra's bar stinked so heavily. Finally, they go to the boss' office. Ryan also this time puts in his pocket.


Mr. Trac in his red clothes

  • "So, you want a job. Happens to be I don't take any loser into my organisation. You have those robes on, proving your loayalty to us. If you convince the Blues to join us, then you can get out of here... with both of your legs attached." Mr. Trac says.
  • "Sure we'll do. We can't fail the Communism! " Alberta says.
  • "Do what you must, then. Convince them to join us. Now get the hell out of here! Lion will get you the Blue robes." Mr. Trac says, and his face turns red as an apple.

Louis, Ryan and Albina got out (with the blue robes), but Ryan stops.

  • "What is it, Ryan? Something wrong?" Alberta asks.
  • "Do you not see the look of the men's faces? We need to stop them both. And I just have the perfect plan to do it." Ryan smiles, almost with that evil inention.

So, Ryan explains to Louis and Albinta that he has recorded the talk of BOTH of people's talks. So, he gives to Louis and Alberta the radios and tells them to go into the tower.

  • "People of the Capitalism! The man who leads you is corrupt! Here is the evidence!" louis activates the radio, when from it the talk with Jesse is heard. People start to get upstairs, when you hear some gunshots.
  • "Dear Communists! The man you follow is corrupted, unlike a true Communist should act! Do you want a ruler like that? Here is the evidence he needs to be put in jail!" Albina activates the radio. The talk with Mr. Trac is heard and the men go upstairs. Suddenly, a screm is heard as well.

Louis and Albina got out and they throw their garments. Also, men came out - from both towers.

  • "We don't know how to thank you. The guy was holding the power - if he didn't like us, he would kick us out of the tower." Lion says.
  • "You seem some sort of adventure type, so we can arrange a caravan to the town of Bedstone. Would you accept that as your reward?" Zerg asks.
  • "Yes, we will. Just give us time to rest, then." Louis happily agrees.

Story of an Orphan

The next morning, Albina, Ryan and Louis came woke up, only to find outside the towers a caravan. Zerg explains that they are to go to Boshingtown, a center where most traders come there to trade, that is why they can go there to get a job.

  • "Good luck. Probably there will be a raider ambush, or two. Farewell, adventurers." Zerg says and the caravan starts to move.
  • "Okay, bye, Zerg." Albina replies.
Fo Caravans

One of the encounters with the raiders

The trip took quite some time, as they were ambushed by raiders, geckos and even by a mole rat. However, there was a stone saying "Oblivion lives!", but other than that, there wasn't more odder than that one. Finally, on the night of that day, they all make a campfire and tell story to know each other better.

  • "So, let's talk about ourselves. My name is Guido. So, who of you three is the leader?" The caravan leader says.

Ryan and Albina point at Louis.

  • "That would be me. I'm Louis."
  • "Ah, Louis. Can you tell us about your story, like where you were born." Guido says.
  • "My full name is Louis Benedicto Pacifico de la Barca. Well, I was born in 2259. My father was a brahmin baron and my mother was a scientist. We lived near New Vegas. One day, father contracted some men to do his work, but a month later they were shooting at him, so we needed to go away." Louis tells.
  • "So, what were they signing?" Guido asks.
  • "From what I heard, men were unsatisfied by the brahmin. Said they had some disease, so we needed to go, as the guards were not capable of handling such thugs. In 2266 we escaped Arizona and landed in New Mexico. Unfortunately, my father got a disease when we were going to Albuquerque city and he died. My mother and me got safetly there."
  • "But I thought that city was destroyed." One of the men stated.
  • "It is now, not in 2268, when we arrived there. Anjyway, mom was looking for a job and she got as a medic. But the problem were the raiders outside the town, as more and more injured got in the clinic. Aside from those problems, everything was okay. However, one night, a big explosion was at the other end of town, so she had to go there to heal the wounded. One of the raiders got her and killed her. The guards were able to defeat the raiders, but not to save her."
  • "So why were the raiders interested in the city in the first place?" Another guard responded.
  • "Who knows? Drugged on jet? Thought there was a treasure there? In any case, after the death of my mother in 2272, I wandered the streets for 2 months, Some would give me food, others some clothes and even a cozy bed. After that, my boss, Mr. Pleostra came and took me to take care of me and I soon were employed. Then he got killed, I had to... Wait, did you hear that?" Louis asks.

It is revealed that there is a large group of raiders. Though most of them were killed in a gunfight, two of them took Albina. Louis, schoked, doesn't realise what just happened.

  • "NO!!! I cannot allow another close to me to die. Mark my word, damn raiders, *spits* I will get my Albina back, whether you like it or not!" Louis yells and organises his team to rescue Albina.


The guards, Ryan and Louis ran to the raiders to rescue Albina. Though they found Albina and the raiders, soon they are surrounded by at least 30 raiders.

  • "Hands up, or it is your life on the line!"
  • "We are surrounded. We have no choice but to surrender, I'm afraid." Guido tells Louis.
  • "As much as I'd like to rescue Albina, I see your point. (to the raiders) We surrender." Louis orderes his men.

After that, Louis and the other place the weapons on the ground. Soon after, the raiders knock all of them dead, except for one guy - they killed him because he almost escaped.

After an unknown amount of time, Louis wakes up, only seeing the others waking up. He also sees Albina, though they are all tied up. Also, he spots another man, though he seems to be beaten - there is also blood on his face. Also, a man is sitting on a throne. It appears they are in a some sort of a Vault.

  • "What is happening? And who are you?" Ryan asks the man on the throne.
Smiling Jack


  • "I'm Fraze, man born from the Dragons and leader of the Bazayan, or as you call them the "raiders"." Fraze responds.
  • "What will you do with us?" Guido Depends on what will you do. You bother me, I'll tear your heart out. You please me, you will become my assistants." Fraze says. "Now I have to go. Don't bother with getting out - there are plenty of raiders, plus the rope is too hard for you to cut it." "Then Fraze gets out."
  • "Need... radio... need... to call... for backup..." The bleeding man says.
  • "We need a plan to get out. I have one, but it can be quite discriminating for Albina. Anyone here can lock doors?" Ryan asks, and the bleeding man raises his hand, although weakly.

Ryan begins to explain his plan, just enough for the raider to come back.

  • "Uh, mister raider... uh, how about you dance with me? I can satisfy your... needs?"
  • "What do you think I am, dumb?" Fraze says, angrily.
  • "You can untie my legs first, then maybe.. something else. You don't have many opportunities like that." Albina attempts to persuade him.
  • "Heh, you are right. Come then at me, baby!" Fraze says and unties her legs.

Albina starts to dance with the raider. Though he seems to have two left feet, he is still pleased. then he reaches for her underwear. Albina attempts to kick him in the head. Suprisingly, the raider was knocked over. She gets a knife from the uncouncious body, kills Fraze and unties the rest of the men.

  • "Great! I need to tend to the patient." Ryan starts to use his doctor bag and healing the person. "You have a pernament scar, but everything else is okay, mister...?"
  • "Duncan. I'm Duncan. Thank you, but I need to call for backup. I'm a member of the Guardians, which is to say I'm quite good at killing things." Duncan responds.

Duncan calls his fellow Guards. Suddenly, a bright red light from the lightbulbs. Duncan immidiately locks the door, while a sound from behind begins to speak.

  • "Sir? We have some trouble here. Some large group of mutants appeared... Uh, sir? Well, he must be sleeping. Would be only trouble waking him up." The voice says, most likely a raider.

After a while, Duncan unlocks the door, the men (and Albina) got their epquipment from a nearby locker and they got out. Though there were some raiders, they killed them silently (with some kncukles). They got out of the Vault, only seeing the war - super mutants fighting raiders.

Demise of the Machines, Part 1

  • "Hey, don't send troops, you'll get only in... war. Over." Duncan tells on the radio.

The battle was vvery loud, to say the least. Super mutants are throwing greandes and use rocket launchers, flamethrowers, but Ryan sees that there are more raiders than super mutants. They all agree to sneak from the fight, but four big super mutants see them and take to their leader's camp.

  • "You come with us now! We kill if you move!" One of them says.

The leader, old and scarred

*"Leave them here, I'll take care of them." The leader dismisses them, maybe on for the battle. "So, you think to assassinate me? Do you think all super mutants are dumb?"
  • "We are not raiders, if that is what you think. We would already shoot all of you if we were. We are not looking for trouble." Louis attempts to persuade the leader to free them.
  • "I see your point, human. All right, you help me in our task and we won't kill you. You will leave some humans here because if you aren't telling the truth, we will kill them."
  • "Well, he is right. What are you doing in here in the first place here, then?" Guido asks.
  • "Some of us came to look for supplies. Unfortunately, a part of super mutants got away too far and we can't keep track of them. We need you to track them to the last location possible - the old RobCo Factory. It is north-east of here, about 2 days. Eth will guide you as the follower, while the girl and the rest of you *points to all except Duncan and Louis* will stay here. So get on then!" The leader dismisses the Louis, Eth and Duncan.

The trip took a day to the facility. The night before, Duncan, Eth and Louis have a conversation.

  • "So, you were saying something about Guardians. Who are they?" Louis asks.
  • "They are an ancient order that have origins after the Great War. We have recordings of the Titanium Bearer, the first Guardian and the founder. Anyone that doesn't cause trouble and will protect people is welcome there."
  • "Reminds I of Master. He order mutants to get more humans to create more mutants. Nightkin also included. But someone killed Master, but we make peace with humans, Not all friend." Eth tells.

They all go to sleep. The next day, the reach the RobCo factory. There are a lot of robots coming from the entrance.

Fo3BS Enclave Mistah Gutsey

Mister Gutsy prototype model

  • " It is trappin' time! Give me the pulse mines and some grenades." Duncan says.

The three of them manage to sneak behind (though Eth almost was noisy, almost made the robots detect them). So, they start to set the mines. After an hour, Eth throws a grenade at them and starts to run. The robots triggered the mines, while others were disabled. Last ones were being blown by Eth's rocket launcher.

  • "We showed the bots who are the makers! Let we see the mutants if they there are." "Eth, Louis and Duncan go into the factory."

Demise of the Machines, Part 2

The factory itself is quite new, though it has many corridors, halls and other whatnot. They agree to go to the left and find a strange computer. Louis rewires the Pip-Pad to the computer when the map of the building shows up.

All of a sudden, a voice is heard.

  • "You cannot stop the greater than yourself! Mark my words, if you and your followers destroy my robots, I will destroy you!" The voice then stops talking from the intercom. Suddenly, some robobrains start attacking.

"Shoot for their brain! After all, they can't function, a major weakness." Louis commands Eth and Duncan. Though the robobrains weren't tough, Duncan has got some wounds. Louis heals the wound with 3 stimpaks and they go further into the facility. "This a huge building! Even bigger than Master's church." Eth says and they managed to go into the center of the building. The room has many machines, many of them create robotic parts. Louis senses that there are sentry bots, Mister Gutsies and Protectron robots that are being created. Naturally, robotic guards are posted here, even more than before.

  • "Where is the control switch? We need to disable the production! " Duncan asks.

While the robots start attacking, Eth and Louis attack the robots while Duncan attempts to find the switch. The robots are armed quite well, with missile launchers and flamers. Eth even got his leg crippled. "I found the lever! Let me just pull it..." Duncan breaks the lever and shoots the lever.

The production has been stopped. The remaining robots are disabled because Eth used puls grenades he had in his backpack.

  • "Me leg hurts. Need to find prisoners, one doctor them." Eth limps with others.

Eth, Louis and Duncan go to the north-eastern part where they find the prison. Strangely, there are no guards, only a corpse with a holodisk. Louis takes the holodisk and speaks with the prisoners.

  • "You must be the force of the super mutants that are from Eth's group? And how do we free you?" Louis asks the prisoners.
  • A female super mutant starts to talk: "I'm Nollic. Here we spend about 1 and a half week here. The robots captured us one day and dragged us here to do their crazy experiments. To conclude, you need to smash down the cental computer. The computer is in the north-western part. Beware, as it might be very difficult for you to fight. When you destroy the computer, run, as the base will detonate."

Louis, Eth and Duncan go where Nollic said. They find a strange machine and suddenly they are surronded by robots!

Demise of the Machines, Part 3

  • "You thought you could have escaped this place? You are wrong, human." The computer responds.
  • "What are you and by what rights do you want us dead?" Louis says.
  • "I would need a lot of test subjects for my experiments. And you are certanly the right person!" The computer resonds.
  • "Oh no, yoe no kill me fellas!" Eth starts to shoot with a missile launcher, destroying some of the robots.
  • "Retreat now! Cover and hide!" Duncan and the others retreat to the room with the production machines and he starts to speak (quietly): "We need to shut down the main power supply, else the robots will get us. I belive that that computer that spoke to us must be the one which powers those robots. You two will get distraction while I'm going to sneak in and disable the facility. Are we clear?"

Eth and Louis nod and start to fight the robots. Duncan uses a strange item and he makes himself invisible. He manages to go to the main computer room, but to his suprise, the computer detected him. The defense systems activate, bringing two laser turrets out of the pods. Duncan hides himself.

  • "You can run but you can't hide... forever!" The computer taunts Duncan and two robots attack him, despite he is invisible.

Though Duncan got hurt, he still goes for the computer. While the robots attack him with missile launchers, he dodges the attacks. Duncan then moves to the computer and dodges another attack, but the missile damages the computer. While the computer is still not disablesd, some wires are present in the spot. Duncan uses the kinfe to cut the wires and he succeds - the computer is offline. He sees that the robots are not disabled, but aren't hostile either.

  • "That should cover it, I suppose." Duncan then runs to Eth and Louis. Eth is carrying Louis on arms, seeing as he is wounded.
  • "He put good fight. We go now, Nollic and mutants wait." Eth replies.

Eth, Duncan and Louis (at Eth's arms) go outside. Nollic tends to Louis and she succeds to heal him. Same for Eth's leg. Later, Louis wakes up at the super mutant chief's tent. "You are awake. I thank you for the assistance you made. Now we are taking the supplies from the Vault. We gave your followers the freedom they deserve and rewards - weapons, food and armor. Eth decided to join you, just don't say Doug, else he will cry a lot. You can see us at Freak Citry, just mention our what you did and everything will be fine, as they don't let normies into the city. Beware of the men in red in south-east, however, they are slavers. That is all info yoou need, Louis."The leader smiles after saying.

  • "You are leaving to Freak City, then?" Louis replies.
  • "Yes, we will prepare ourselves for a few days and we will go."
  • Louis gets up, says 'Goodbye' to the leader and goes with his friends elsewhere...

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