Weekly Saturday poll
The WSP is a poll every Saturday asking the Fallout Wiki community what they think about the Fallout Universe; from games and add-ons, to guns and bullets, to enemies and NPC's. Have any ideas? Tell me on my talk page.

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Before the poll, I would say that Adam Adamowicz (concept artist) and David Anthony Pizzuto (voiced Lily Bowen) have died. You can have your sayings here and here. Rest in peace, guys.

Another thing - Jspoelstra has become the new bureaucrat! Have your sayings here.

For the results:

136 people stated Star Paladin Cross is their most hated companion. For only 19 votes less in 2nd place comes Butch, the bully from Vault 101 and in 3rd place comes Clover, the slave with 23 votes.

Now, here is something about the add-ons: do you have companions there? Because this is the poll.

Which song from the Galaxy News Radio is your most favourite?

The poll was created at 10:07 on February 25, 2012, and so far 23 people voted.

Here's the link to the 10th poll.

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