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The WSP is a poll every Saturday asking the Fallout Wiki community what they think about the Fallout Universe; from games and add-ons, to guns and bullets, to enemies and NPC's. Have any ideas? Tell me on my talk page.

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Okay, here are the results displayed in the table from our last poll:

Option Votes (amount) Votes (percentage)
Barter 3 0.66%
Energy Weapons 31 6.77%
Explosives 13 2.84%
Guns 144 31.44%
Lockpick 15 3.28%
Medicine 6 1.31%
Melee Weapons 13 2.84%
Repair 31 6.77%
Science 10 2.18%
Sneak 32 6.99%
Speech 132 28.82%
Survival 13 2.84%
Unarmed 15 3.28%

This time I want to ask the community which companion in Fallout 3 find annoying (most hated, to be precise). Another thing - our administrator, Jspoelstra, wants to be an bureaucrat. Place your votes here.

Note: Because of possible misunderstanding, I apologise because I had to reset the votes.

What is your most hated companion in Fallout 3?

The poll was created at 20:36 on February 11, 2012, and so far 381 people voted.

Here is the link for the ninth poll.

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