Welcome to the Hole!

Each Week Lord Ashur invites Wastelanders, including you, to join him to watch the fiercest combatants from around the known world into the Pitt's Hole. We'll crown 4 divisional champs and then we'll throw them all back in the Hole to battle it out again... until only one remains as the ultimate King of the Hole (as well as his Queen and Jack).

This week the Hole was sponsored by Goodsprings general store. For any new rookie the Store has bits and ends.

Let's review the previous winners of the Hole, shall we?

With this remainder, let's get started, shall we? Here are the first contestants!

Joe Cobb
Joe Cobb
Sunny Smiles
Sunny Smiles
Who will win?
Microphone and Stand
This week in the Hole... - Energy X
TALK - 20:33, June 24, 2014 (UTC)
Energy X
Welcome to the Hole! We are currently having a re-design, so please make sure to keep your eyes open! We will invite some guests each week. In addition, if you are being recognized by your actions/edits during the week, we will invite you to the comment booth, where you can give arguments why your character should win. In any case, happy editing and commence the voting!
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The Hole concept was originally adapted for Nukapedia by The NemesisX. Sulik character developed by the Black Isle team.