Welcome to the Hole!

The Hole
The Hole is a weekly contest that forces two or more characters to fight. Any suggestions about the guests or the challengers can be put on the talk page.

Each Week Lord Ashur invites Wastelanders, including you, to join him to watch the fiercest combatants from around the known world into the Pitt's Hole. We'll crown 4 divisional champs and then we'll throw them all back in the Hole to battle it out again... until only one remains as the ultimate King of the Hole (as well as his Queen and Jack).

This week's battle is sponsored by Renesco's Pharmacy. The chems are so clean that you will be flying with the rockets from REPCONN. Even the dealer's name says so.

Last week, Goris fought Arcade. Depsite Arcade's family armor, Goris kicked his sorry ass and managed to go to the finals, with 59 votes.

This is a big day for the Hole. This is the first finals, where we shall see whether purity will manage to wipe out mutations... or not. Also, to make it more interesting, the loser of the finals will become the Queen of this division (aka second place). For the third place, however, the challengers must battle each other. After all, they excelled quite far, but not as the others. Without further ado, let's start the fights!

Division I: Purity and Mutations
Fo2 Goris wo robe
FO02 NPC Dornan B
Arch Dornan
Who will be this week's winner?
Microphone and Stand
This week in the Hole... - Energy X
TALK - 23:36, August 11, 2014 (UTC)
Energy X

Welcome to the finals, dear viewers! We have quite a big, powerful guest. Oh, it is quite a surprise to see you, Mr. Horrigan.

FO02 Frank Horrigan

Mutie bastards deserve no life. The president of the United States makes sure of that.

Energy X

Last I recall, you came into the Hole when Sulik, curiously enough, vanished. Do you know why?

FO02 Frank Horrigan

Like all uneducated, primitive tribals, that mutant went into hiding. Cowards deserve more than death. I make sure of *that*.

Energy X

I... see. Oh, yeah, I was wondering something. You dislike mutants, but aren't you one?

FO02 Frank Horrigan

Do you *really* want the answer to that question?

Energy X

On second thought, I suppose not. Anyway, what do you think of the challengers?

FO02 Frank Horrigan

The United States goverment has their interest in those deathclaws. Secret Service agents, like me, would fight him to his death. A true soldier would die before surrendering to foes. However, the Sarge is still a powerful man, one that can take that thing down.

Energy X

All right, that will be all for these finals, folks. Oh, and Mr. Horrigan, you should meet some loyal supporters of the Enclave. I am positive they would like to meet a legendary figure like you.

FO02 Frank Horrigan

If anyone comes too close, that will be their last view before I tore them to pieces.


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The Hole concept was originally adapted for Nukapedia by The NemesisX.

The winners of previous battles of the Hole
FO02 NPC Dornan B
Arch Dornan (88 votes)
Opponent: Tabitha (28 votes)
FO2 Goris model
Goris (73 votes)
Opponent: Dekker (12 votes)
Arcade Gannon
Arcade Gannon (88 votes)
Opponent: Driver Nephi (24 votes)
Fo2 Melchior
Melchior (46 votes)
Opponent: Barnaky (32 votes)

FO02 NPC Dornan B
Arch Dornan (61 votes)
Opponent: Melchior (25 votes)

Fo2 Goris wo robe
Arch Dornan (59 votes)
Opponent: Arcade Gannon (34 votes)