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The Hole
The Hole is a weekly contest that forces two or more characters to fight. Any suggestions about the guests or the challengers can be put on the talk page.

Each Week Lord Ashur invites Wastelanders, including you, to join him to watch the fiercest combatants from around the known world into the Pitt's Hole. We'll crown 4 divisional champs and then we'll throw them all back in the Hole to battle it out again... until only one remains as the ultimate King of the Hole (as well as his Queen and Jack).

This week's battle was sponsored by the Parlor Room. Need any stiff, radiation-free alcohol, visit the Parlor Room (assuming you got the day pass).

Last week, General Dekker put out a good fight, but the deathclaw monk, Goris, proved to be a much greater challenge than expected. With 73 votes, Goris will continue to fight in the semi-finals.

The next fighters present the law and chaos. So, let's welcome the scientist and the crazed fiend!

Division I: Purity and Mutations
Driver Nephi
Driver Nephi
Arcade Gannon
Arcade Gannon
Who will be this week's winner?
Microphone and Stand
This week in the Hole... - Energy X
TALK - 13:02, July 15, 2014 (UTC)
Energy X

Greetings visitors! We have a guest from the town of Megaton. Our next guest is Moira Brown.

Moira Brown

Greetings! As the commentator mentioned, I am Moira Brown of Craterside Supply. I'm an inventor, master researcher, book writer, trader and so much more!

Energy X

Wait... are you the co-writer of Wasteland Survival Guide? You don't seem to be qualified to have done all that research...

Moira Brown

Oh, no, no, no! I am a writer, but I had a kid from a vault to do the research. I gave the kid a reinforced vault suit and the kid took off into the world. Haven't seem him in a long time. Or was it her?

Energy X

You do know that such books exist? Here, I even got a copy of the Scout Handbook, which lists pretty much the same info.

Moira Brown

Well, that book is outdated, written before the War. Besides, I am certain the kid had a lot of fun researching the info. I mean, who wouldn't want adventure, fighting with mirelurks, researching local town history or even have a private robo factory?

Energy X

Ugh, nevermind. Well, what do you think, which fighter would win?

Moira Brown

Mm. Well, the doctor has a lot of experience on his side, while the raider has an addiction and a nasty smell. I am positive that the good doctor read my book and knows how to apply those skills.

Energy X

That is all for this week, folks! Stay tuned for more battles!

Moira Brown

Oh, do you know if there are any domesticated mole rats around? I need one for my experiment.

Energy X



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The Hole concept was originally adapted for Nukapedia by The NemesisX.

The winners of previous battles of the Hole
FO02 NPC Dornan B
Arch Dornan (88 votes)
Opponent: Tabitha (28 votes)
FO2 Goris model
Goris (73 votes)
Opponent: Dekker (12 votes)