I've been wondering - I thought if there could be an add-on if the Courier is taken to New Reno? I even have some ideas of my own.

The place to start is The Basincreek Building. When you enter it, the Courier falls down, something hit him. Several days the Courier is dragged by a Super mutant to east, near New Reno until a NCR Ranger kills him. He frees you and tells you that streets of New Reno aren't safe as there are raiding parties of Mordino's and Van Graff's men (if you are Hated or Vilified by NCR, the Ranger will say that you look like a troublemaker since he doesn't know about your deeds in Mojave). Then you can speak to some guards in Desperado (Van Graff casino) or Shark Club (Mordino casino). They will employ you, doing their tasks, like breaking allies from enemy family or making new ones. When all is done, you are given the option to support them in raiding the other casino. When all is done, they will congratulate you (depending on who you supported) and you are given an option to arrange an caravan to take you to Mojave. You won't be able to ride back, however.

If you are wondering why aren't there other families, speak to guy named Clayton Etienne (he tells you about 2 families). Van Graffs attacked Wrights and Bishops, but Bishops surrendered.

Some items could be inluded, like Combat Knuckles (variant of Spiked ones), Assault rifles, Guidance Ranger (revolver), Needler pistol...

There are some companions, like John Cassidy (he barely moves because of his age, but is decent), Myron (at least, his brain is placed in a special humanoid robobrain, he doesn't work for Mordinos), Masticator...

Of course, you may be able to train in Jungle Gym or gamble in the casinos (the max-winning penalty applies, as a new policies of the casinos because in Fallout 2 the Chosen One could gamble as much as he wanted).

The name of add-on was because there were some things attached for Blood war, so I renamed it.

Any other ideas, as well as thoughts of the add-on write in comments. Please, subscribe!