Greetings Nukapedians. This is the time I have to say my farewell.

I have to thank you for believeing in me, trusting in me and letting me get my adminship. To that, I thank everyone for voting on my adminship request and many, many other users.

There are multiple reasons I think I should leave.

  • I believe that my time is over - I make too many mistakes and if I go down that road, I might do some harm to someone. Extra reson is that I think I just take space to other users who are more responisble and better suited than I am to become admins.
  • Some of my latest ideas are not thoughtfully planned out.
  • I usually spend most of time in chat then I edit.
  • My school takes most of my time.
  • The wiki I am spending time on needs me more then this one does.

The only concerns are my blogs Nukapedian Road and the polls. Whoever wants to adopt them, be my guest.

Don't worry, I will step once a while in the chat and I will return. Until then, goodbye!