Before starting to edit the articles, please read this notice thoroughly. This is only a reminder to everyone that wants to edit to know *how-to* edit; to keep some professionalism and making sure the reader is not confused by how the content is looking. Anyhow:

  • No usage of "you" or "player", only "player character" or "Sole Survivor". You aren't in the game, but your player character, Sole Survivor, is.
  • Try to word in objective manner. Subjectivism has no place here, especially in the form of strategies. There are a lot of ways to complete certain quests or kill creatures.
  • Before creating an article, look up if there is another one, to avoid having duplicate pages.
  • When reporting a bug, make sure to place {{platform|}} and codes (xbox, PC or PS4 after | character), but mind general bugs, like clipping issues, aren't worthy to be placed, unless it is *extremely* important.
  • Know that unique, expensive, quite rare or in large numbers items under ==Notable loot== section are to be reported; something as common as 10mm pistol or stimpak aren't notable.
  • Mind linking to other articles. Some articles contain (Fallout 4) tags, since there are other articles of the same name from other games. Write [[a|b]], "a" being the name of the article and "b" being the name of the object in the game itself.
  • Think of capitalization; some words are *meant* to be de-capped. Personal nouns are capitalized, most other things aren't.
  • Don't copy images or text from other sites. Just let the article be incomplete (if you can't expand it yourself), for there will be someone else to add the information.
  • If don't know how to fill in a section with information, look for other articles for examples, rather than trying something out yourself.
  • For other questions, you can contact these guys and gals.

Remember that what you write may be read by thousands of readers, if not even more.

As for the game itself, I can't play it due to many reasons. But the best advice I can give you is to cherish the good moments, remember the game in what you can feel the developers put much work and effort in order to present you with such experience.

That is all folks, from the Vault-Tec Nukapedia's administration.