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  • I live in Zagreb, Croatia
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  • My occupation is colleague lad
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  • Energy X

    Er, it is not art of Pugilism. Ashur found this strange book about traveling through dimensions and ordered us to test it out. We'll see what it means!

    All right. I got the ingredients: a car engine, some fuel, a bit of some of these strange-looking leaves and fruits. All right, I add the fuel to the engine, place the fruit and seeds into it and turn it on.

    Let's see... *plugs in the wire* It starts to smell funny... and what is with this smoke?

    The smell is overpowering... ugh, I'm gonna faint... now what is this? Where are we?

    It looks quite strange, as if we are between dimensions. Rainbows and cazaclaws and... is that a bear on fire?

    It is coming, on your guard, Rex.

    Heh. You do not know you are in the World of Magic. Silly boy and his dog.


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  • Energy X

    Rex: A simple demand everyone should be satisfied. Oh, I got a surprise for you!

    Oh, what is it? Dragons?

    Nah, no komodo dragons. Instead, *I* have chosen our new guest. You know her, you hate her… give an entrance to Lynette!

    This cannot be good.

    I am here, the First Citizen Lynette. Now, show me some respect.

    Uhm… er, miss Lynette, you look… erm, lovely.

    I said respect, not bootlicking. It was a waste of time to come here.

    Oh, you think you are wasting time with us, common folk. Aroo, I haven't seen such snobbery in a long time.

    What he means is he admires your… attitude. Anyway, who should win? The Cassidy family or the Warriors of Steel?

    The common folk should stay away from important people. Since those peasants are forced to battle, there is …

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  • Energy X

    But everyone knows I am more favored than you. What can I say, talking robodogs are sought out on the market.

    Hmph. They ought to make a plush version of you. Though I do remember . Anyway, it is time to introduce our guest!

    With all the people that come through here, I wouldn't be surprised the guest would be an alien.

    Nonsense, I prefer talking to less-hostile races. Anyway, there she is!

    Ooh, Jimmy, where have you been! I... oh wait, I got confused. Sorry, dearie, forgot to take my medicine. Is that a talking toy over there?

    Oh shoot, a kick-ass grandma!

    Uh, no, Lily. It is just a talking dog from one of those cartoons, ignore him.

    Leo is getting nervous about such things. Grandma tries to calm Leo down, but he insists on making me angry.


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  • Energy X


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  • Energy X

    The Hole - Final Factor

    November 17, 2014 by Energy X

    Step on it! We are in need for speed! NOW!

    -BOOM- Argh... damn, I was never good with driving cars... Ugh, at least we made it to the Hole, brothers and sisters! Who knew stealing from BoS would come in handy.

    At least the place has preserved for the week. I- *click* Arf, arf! *pants*

    Eh? Boy, speak. You are not making sense.


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