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July 8, 2011
  • I live in Zagreb, Croatia
  • I was born on July 11
  • My occupation is senior high school student
  • I am male
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    Energy X

    Fallout 4

    January 12, 2013 by Energy X

    So, since we all have these Fallout 4 news running, there is a lot of things going on:

    • rumored to be in Boston
    • sequel to Fallout 3
    • Erik Dellums is going to (possibly) voice some characters
    • usage of Creation engine

    Now, it would be another blog to ask what do you wish to have in Fallout 4...

    ... but, I'm going to ask you this: what don't you want of Fallout 4?

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    Energy X


    November 1, 2012 by Energy X

    Greetings Nukapedians. This is the time I have to say my farewell.

    I have to thank you for believeing in me, trusting in me and letting me get my adminship. To that, I thank everyone for voting on my adminship request and many, many other users.

    There are multiple reasons I think I should leave.

    • I believe that my time is over - I make too many mistakes and if I go down that road, I might do some harm to someone. Extra reson is that I think I just take space to other users who are more responisble and better suited than I am to become admins.
    • Some of my latest ideas are not thoughtfully planned out.
    • I usually spend most of time in chat then I edit.
    • My school takes most of my time.
    • The wiki I am spending time on needs me more then this one does.


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    Energy X

    Saturday Poll - 26

    October 28, 2012 by Energy X

    Ave amico, for 26th version of Saturday Poll!

    My name is Energy X, and in case you didn't know, the "Ave amico" was from Latin.

    Ah, that reminds me on my Latin teacher. He was always a funny one, even in situations that shouldn't be.

    Ah, those were times, where you had to fight to get D, at least. But enough of my ramblings - you are here for the poll.

    From last week we asked you:

    • 1st question: "If a Vault offered only few amount of people to get into, which people would you choose?"
      • In 3rd place 22 voters stated they would pass the invitation to the Vault to someone else. Yeah, maybe the experiments ain't worth the safety...
      • In 2nd place 27 voters stated they would bring combinations of other people (friends, family, pets etc.). If you get bored, …

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    Energy X

    Saturday Poll - 25

    October 20, 2012 by Energy X

    Hello, dear citizens of Nukapedia, to the 25th version of Saturday poll!

    Same writer, different poll.

    As some of you are aware, for 65 years and 3 days (at the moment of writing) the Great War should start in Fallout timeline. In order to plan what to do (albeit early), the Nukapedia will ask you what to do!

    First are the last week poll's reults:

    We asked you the question "In Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, on which difficulty do you usually play your game?"

    • The 3rd place belongs to Very Easy with 16 votes. There is always an option to die.
    • The 2nd place belongs to Very Hard with 1 vote more than 3rd. Some like it rough. *Very* rough.
    • And finally, the 1st place belongs to Normal, with 55 votes! Very Easy? Very Hard? More like Normal!

    The other qu…

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    Energy X

    Saturday Poll - 24

    October 13, 2012 by Energy X

    Lieber Junge, wilkommen zu den Saturday Poll!

    My name is Energy X, as you know it for the past month. And yeah, I study German as well.

    Anyway, seems to me Yes-Man has either gone or he is now a skulking anon (Somewhere...). Not sure if that robot didn't want to say that I should take the charge of polls...

    So, here are the results from past week's poll:

    We asked you the question "If you were in charge of making Fallout 4, what would you change?"

    • The 3rd place goes to... More quests! 36 people voted for that option (Who knows what they would plan to...).
    • The 2nd place goes to... Fixing bugs! With 77 votes, people would fix those damn insects...
    • And finally, 12 points 1st place goes to...
      • ... Better storyline! With 183 votes, people would make a bett…

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