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July 8, 2011
  • I live in Zagreb, Croatia
  • I was born on July 11
  • My occupation is senior high school student
  • I am male
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    Energy X

    We and I be here. Just be getting back from a hot date

    So, Ashur has requested that someone should make a cosplay. Whatever his intentions are, it must be obeyed. I can't get into this costume, would you do it instead?

    You want me to be wearing dis? Its hideous and it be smelling funny

    The deal is, Sulik, that the costume fits you. It does not fit on me. Besides, I could get you a drink when it's all over.

    We and I be needing more than a drink. To be getting in that thing we and I be needing vasoline

    Well, my paycheck is today, so it is on. But hurry, Ashur expects something.

    Remind me to be having a talk with his nibs later on *grumbles*


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    Energy X

    We and I thought we be telling you to be staying away from de sauce

    Oh, well, Sulik, the booze is always there, you cannot resist such poison. Anyway, I am clean, as we have to speak to our new guest. Let's welcome Fantastic!

    Who? Who be being Fantastic? Well, Me of course. Dat be being a nice welcome for me but you already said I was here

    Yo man. Lead scientist of NCR. Nobody can deny my knowledge!

    Who be you being?

    I am the power! Ever since a person came to Helios power plant and rewired those mirrors.

    Yes, but who are you? what be being your name?

    Sulik, a guy with sunglasses claiming to be a scientist is named lunatic. Anyway, how did your team pull out those guys to combat?

    My team developed a strange program. I wrote some nonsense and they …

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    Energy X

    Excuse me, I’m looking for a Mrs Sue Lick?

    I’m Sulik

    Whatever floats your boat man. Package for you.

    What the…. We and I not be expecting anything.

    Hey, this thing is heavy, I’m not taking it back. Just sign here.


    I thought your were Sue Lick, not X.

    You wanna argue with de hammer? See if his name is Ecks?

    I’m going I’m going, geez

    Lemmie open this thing here… Oh, its you

    What the…. Where am… Oh, its you

    We and I be thinking you be too good for the likes of me now, with your fancy apartment-in-the-sky and your clean clothes, and boiling water machine…

    Seriously Sulik, you really need to try the Shower, it won’t kill you. It hasn’t killed anyone yet.

    And we and I not be risking becoming the first. Clearly being overdue. What you be doing back, we a…

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    Energy X

    Why we be needing anover guest? We and I be able to be doing de show on our own

    As much as your wisdom is more-or-less appreciated, Master Sulik, I cannot disobey Ashur's will. But, anyway, let's greet Antony, from Caesar's Legion!

    Dog fight? The Hangdogs tribe would bless both combatants before the fight. Arooo!

    We and I be checking de contract about dis. Dere isnt enough room for us too, never mind Mr Smells-like-dog

    So, Sulik, what do you think of dogs?

    Well, we and I once be putting together a bot we and I be finding, K9, belonged to some Doctor bloke. He be being pretty smart.... he be teaching me how to play fetch

    Cyberdogs? The Legion shall tame them one day. Just like we did with Lupa, and now she has more experience than any dog seen!


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    Energy X

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