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July 8, 2011
  • I live in Zagreb, Croatia
  • I was born on July 11
  • My occupation is colleague lad
  • I am male
  • Energy X

    Final wishes? Don't know, was hoping for something epic.

    Well, to celebrate this milestone, I arranged a special deal with the Ultra Luxe. Presenting the cake!

    Oh my dear. It is *chocolate*. You know well I can digest *chocolate*. It is too gooey and brown.

    Aw, you. Here, let this robot cut it.

    Here, young master. Let me cut it. *uses the buzzsaw*

    Oh great, now it is ruined. Genius.

    Don't be so pessimistic. Here, let me lit these candels on.

    I just wanted to eat that. But you lit my food on fire. What is wrong with you? And why would you even use a doctor robot for cutting cake?

    This unit is ready to serve in any way possible.

    Thought it may be more formal to have a robot cut the cake. But the other ones were too combative and less domesticated. Ok…

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  • Energy X

    About time. Was wondering when my contract with Ashur will end.

    Silly little grumpy pooch. Always trying to look the things the worst way. At any rate, Ashur has decided to bring a psychic in.

    Eh, why would we need strange people that read my hands, er, paws, drink too much coffee, play too much of card games and even peer into crystal balls. Emphasis on the balls.

    My guess he wants to increase the funds of the Pitt by announcing bets. Hence why people may find a seer to predict who'll win to be entertaining. Ah, there he is.

    Greetings, child. What can this humble shaman do for you? about a freak show...

    Well, shaman Hakunin, can you tell us more about your talents?

    The gift of visions is never easily earned, child. It is a long period, i…

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  • Energy X

    Yeah! But where is Sulik? Need him to keep the lowlife away from the Hole. You don't know how much cyberdogs are scarce these days.

    If I heard correctly, he just had a drink or two too many. Can't blame him. Many cannot imagine the New Years' Eve without a drink. Some even go too far and show up drunk at a certain place.

    Ah, humanity. Anyway, anyone new you wanted to bring?

    Like many experiences behind us, Rex, I never fail to disappoint anyone with the guest choosing. Let me bring him in.

    Bring him in...? Let me see... woah, keep that thing away!

    Ah, it is nice of you to bring me here! You can't believe how some mutated plants can get boring.

    See what I mean? Anyway, Seymour "the green", I would ask first how can you talk.

    Oh, it is nothing more…

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  • Energy X

    Damn, it is Christmas time and I still am here at the Hole, with everyone's favorite pooch. And I only got this console with a Tekken game from pre-War times.

    Hey, there are worse fates. I could be dressed as a silly reindeer.

    Instead you be dressed as a silly puppy. Where be we keeping the Gecko Egg Nogg?

    Oh fuck! Santa's elf? Wait, no that is Sulik. Welcome back. I guess.

    Oh, hey Sulik! How come you came back? Did you train your hammer bashing lately?

    We and I be getting sick of Hawaii. De pineapples are too easy to be squishing

    Yeah, the radiation made them worse than before. And too unhealthy to use them as a pillow.

    How is da Hole going on lately?

    Same old story. People are still hostile. Still, what do we do now? A winter wonderland outside …

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  • Energy X

    Er, it is not art of Pugilism. Ashur found this strange book about traveling through dimensions and ordered us to test it out. We'll see what it means!

    All right. I got the ingredients: a car engine, some fuel, a bit of some of these strange-looking leaves and fruits. All right, I add the fuel to the engine, place the fruit and seeds into it and turn it on.

    Let's see... *plugs in the wire* It starts to smell funny... and what is with this smoke?

    The smell is overpowering... ugh, I'm gonna faint... now what is this? Where are we?

    It looks quite strange, as if we are between dimensions. Rainbows and cazaclaws and... is that a bear on fire?

    It is coming, on your guard, Rex.

    Heh. You do not know you are in the World of Magic. Silly boy and his dog.


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