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    Energy X


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    Energy X

    The Hole - Final Factor

    November 17, 2014 by Energy X

    Step on it! We are in need for speed! NOW!

    -BOOM- Argh... damn, I was never good with driving cars... Ugh, at least we made it to the Hole, brothers and sisters! Who knew stealing from BoS would come in handy.

    At least the place has preserved for the week. I- *click* Arf, arf! *pants*

    Eh? Boy, speak. You are not making sense.


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    Energy X

    Ooh, we just got linked in the Hole's network, the video feed is on! Ah yes, there is no guest at the Hole! So, one question, Mr. Silus, if a boxer were to face a man wanting to revive the ideals of the Old World, who would win in that battle?

    Relying on the Old World's technology and ideals will just make the man more vulnerable. The boxer knows true strength comes from within, which is why our soldiers are training. Now, for the two of you, you are coming with me. After all, I freed you, now it is time to return the favor.

    Certainly not. *bites Silus' leg and releases electricity* That's for saying false statements, dumb boxers cannot defeat men with powerful ideas!

    You seem pretty certain of yourself... again. And what's with the electrici…

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    Energy X

    Damn, I started to like his bashing of enemies. Especially Boxcars.

    Well, I am told he cannot appear for the month, sadly enough. Still, as the quote states, the show must go on! And it goes on with General Oliver of the NCR. Welcome, Mr. Oliver.

    The NCR welcomes all citizens.

    Hmph. If my old memory serves right, the old goverment said the same thing... and now where we are?

    Uh, ignore the doggie, for he just had his brain transplanted. *whispers to Rex* Do you want to get us killed with these statements?

    Quit bitching around, for I am displeased by such behavior. By and for the republic, for it is against all tyrants.

    Yeah, whatever you say. Anyway, Mr. general, what do you think of the choices here?

    The Brotherhood is outdated, the remaining bu…

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    Energy X

    Hey, I should've introduced the battle, now you just did that. And where is Sulik, anyway?

    Last I heard, that tribal was busy and had some stuff to do. Curious, it is not like he is a lawyer or something...

    No Sulik? That will displease Ashur... but, fortunately, I may have a back up plan. *searches through a box*

    What, you are looking for a time-traveling machine?

    No, but this! *puts on a glove, resembling Sulik*

    We and I be here, robo-puppy

    So, sockuppeting now? Isn't that prohibited?

    Grampy Bone laughing at such rules

    Anyway, let's welcome Red Lucy of the Thorn!

    Welcome, hunter. I am here to spread the word of the Thorn, a battle arena featuring new creatures.

    Stay away from me, I will not battle deathclaws or cazadores! *whimpers*

    I heard of the …

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