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  • I live in Zagreb, Croatia
  • I was born on July 11
  • My occupation is senior high school student
  • I am male
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    Energy X

    How may I assist you, good sir?

    My, such fine behavior. Oh yes, what are the specialties your cooking team can make?

    Only the sweetest, most delicious and finest food you can find. We even have a new specialty; we still discuss about the name, but one can find its taste very interesting.

    Is that so? What are the ingredients?

    As much as we want to share the luxury, this is a secret recipe. I can say that the major ingredient is among us, and it is not air.

    That sounds a bit suspicious. Well, can you tell us whom do you support in this match?

    As barbaric as a fight can get, I must give my support to that mutant. He uses deluxe magic, which is looked favourably in our fine establishment. Sir Arch Dornan may find its defeat a too hard to accomplish.…

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    Energy X

    Hullo there, mistah. I heard there is going to be a battle! It would suck not to watch it!

    Aren't you young to be here, little boy?

    Nah, my uncle is there, at the arena. This is going to be awesome! As much awesome as the fight of the Mechanist and the AntAgonizer!

    Right... and I am a flying torch. Kids these days... anyway, what do you think of these challengers?

    I read one of the amazing pre-War comic books. I can say both of them look like super heroes. That brain bot looks like the Steel Man! As for the mutie, he might be someone called "Holg" or somesuch. I am certain that mutie has the advantage.

    That is all for this week folks. Who will be named Emperor America? Find out next week!

    Hm, mistah, do you think I can impress a certain acquaint…

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    Energy X

    Greetings! As the commentator mentioned, I am Moira Brown of Craterside Supply. I'm an inventor, master researcher, book writer, trader and so much more!

    Wait... are you the co-writer of Wasteland Survival Guide? You don't seem to be qualified to have done all that research...

    Oh, no, no, no! I am a writer, but I had a kid from a vault to do the research. I gave the kid a reinforced vault suit and the kid took off into the world. Haven't seem him in a long time. Or was it her?

    You do know that such books exist? Here, I even got a copy of the Scout Handbook, which lists pretty much the same info.

    Well, that book is outdated, written before the War. Besides, I am certain the kid had a lot of fun researching the info. I mean, who wouldn't want ad…

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    Energy X

    I am Set. You are in my shadow, normie.

    Ahem. I should stand there then. Anyway, I heard Bakersfield got destroyed. Or do you call it Necropolis?

    Necropolis. City of shadows. Not wanted for normies like yourself. Pump got fixed, then muties attacked the town. Few survivors.

    I see. What happened to the survivors?

    Simple. They vanished. Followed a mutant, not even a ghoul. Makes my shadows grow large.

    Water under the bridge, I say. So, what do you think of the challengers of the Hole?

    Normie's head is empty. The death claw is not. The scholar will teach the normie a lesson. A last lesson.

    I... see... Well, that's all for this week, folks!

    Must walk with Garret. Kill muties for destroying my home. Vengeance will prevail. As will the ghouls. *leaves ro…

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    Energy X

    What do you want? I am an important businessman.

    Uh, Gizmo, I thought you perished when Killian raided your casino...

    No. That business is over. I am too important to be killed by that good-for-nothing mayor. He knew nothing of my plan.

    What plan are you speaking of?

    I clearly said no, unless you want Izo to throw you out?

    I don't want to take that chance. Matter at hand, what do you think of the contestants of the Hole?

    I support only the one who brings me more money. People gamble at my *new* casino.

    Could you be more specific?

    Hnh. You are really stupid. I vote for Arch Dornan.

    There you have it folks. *under breath* I do hope that the next guest would be less... hostile.

    What's that you said?


    |commentator1=Leea |comment1=Leea has not res…

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