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    Energy X

    It is not like we kill puppies or something...

    You can be watching de great battles but you need to be subscribing to de classic battle bundle in order to qualify to be subscribing to de Great battle Channel.

    I can watch it without your unnecessary NCR taxes. Hmph!

    Oh wait, that is Prof. Pinkerton. He is going to give us analysis of the challengers.

    We and I not be liking dis, de buffet table already be being bare

    This guy makes me feel like an open book.

    Oh, a talking dog. A voice module, probably stolen from the pre-War base called-

    Arf! Arf! People don't want to know that.

    Well, master Pinkerton, what can you tell us about the challengers?

    All have been touched by biomodifications, though Skynet much more than most. Christine can sneak around ea…

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    Energy X

    Yea, once this is done we can go over at Shark Club and open an act.

    Anyway, Sulik, Rex, we supposedly are expecting a gangster named Boxcars.

    We and I not be thinking dere be enough room

    So the old dog needs to go away, huh?

    Now, now, we will think of something. Anyway, here he comes!

    I come to the Hole and see only three losers around.

    You need to stop looking in de shiny bit of de hammer. If you be getting to close, you be needing to de de dentist

    Sulik, halt. Ask questions first, then start shooting and crashing. Anyway, Boxcars, I heard you survived the attack on Nipton.

    As if you care, motherfucker. After the man with the dog on the head beat the shit out of everyone, I stayed in a store, fucked up to the bone. But then a person came and gav…

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    Energy X

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    Energy X

    We and I of course being de most favourite

    Mhm. Anyway, the battle heatens up. I was told that a man named Boone would come.

    I am here.

    You be sure dis be being a good idea... he not be talking much. Hey, actually, pretend we and I not be saying dat, he be being perfect

    Well, Sulik, I always say silence is golden. Anyway, if I recall, he did battle in the championship. So, Boone, what happened after the Hole ended?

    Hunting more Legion scum. The last thing they never saw.

    Maybe dey soon be learning not to be angering de sleeping bear

    Hm, perhaps. Legion, NCR, does not matter, unless one has something to change the wasteland... forever. Anyway, Boone, Jingwei fights Hardin. What does your experience as a sniper tell you which one will win?

    Hardin. U…

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    Energy X

    We and I not be being a Protoge. You be being my protoge grasshopper

    Well, at least we can agree it never gets dull, right? Anyway, let me read who is coming. I see... a fine lady who had an interesting pet called kat.

    I am here, gorgeous thing.

    We not be being here two minutes and already you be being making a pussy joke

    Why the frowny face, warrior? I could make you forget any stress... for 75 caps.

    Uh, Ruby, not here. Ashur wouldn't like it.

    Surely Ecks you could be doing a bit better than her, she not even appear in a game that be existing. You be having more class than that

    Oh, there are many other places where we could *entertain* ourselves. Dress up as deathclaws and pretend we are in mating season would work... for extra cash.

    Uh, I don't …

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