Ever since I first started playing Fallout 3 I heavily enjoyed the story line and the particular abstract concept of the post-apocalyptic universe created by Black Isle Studios, peace be with them. However, when I did begin playing I had no idea of the vast universe which had been wonderfully crafted. Eventually I began playing Fallout 2, but rushed through it much to quickly through the use of a character builder, which just gave me a glimpse at the tip of the iceberg. Then I played Fallout 1, however this experience too was ruined after the game I had received turned out to be glitched leading to me being teleported directly to the Master's base, practically ruining the game for me. Then I moved on to Fallout: Tactics, which was an alright game, but I could definitely understand why the content wasn't considered truly canon (airships, really!?). I much preferred the style of game produced by Bethesda with its constant movement, and more realistic combat, but I was fine with the turn-by-turn style combat based on agility and what not. So I preferred Fallout 3 much more than the original Fallout and Fallout 2. However, I then discovered the massive depth and breadth of the story line that was in Fallout 2 when I began looking at this sight and began looking at random articles about the game as I came to them. This then led to me re-installing the game and giving another go. However, this attempt was foiled over frustration of the graphics being all messed up(funky colors angered me). So I continued playing Fallout 3, once in a while attempting to try a torrent or two which might work, and fix the colors, to no avail. Then when I heard about Fallout New Vegas, I was happy the series was continuing, however I was a tad skeptical of Obsidian being the primary developer as I was unsure how they were going to change what Bethesda had done with Fallout 3. I was unsure whether or not there would be a large amount of changes, or just a few. When I first played the game I was extremely happy with the outcome, although the leveling system annoyed me, it made it a tad more challenging along with the changes in skill books and other things, the enhanced story line made it all the more worthwhile. The first game through I was not very thorough in completing quests, or even looking around as I normally do, but it was much more fulfilling than cheating or the like. I played another game through creating my current, epic character, but once again I am a bit dissatisfied with small decisions I had made, such as helping Joe Cobb take Goodsprings, and not helping the NCR take Primm, so now I'm going through the game again. Old World Blues ignited my interest in the game and once again made me begin looking into the epic story behind the Fallout series. So now I want to think about the epic story in front of Fallout, at the end of Fallout 3, there is a momentous event with the opportunity for a large scale power grab, and at the end of Fallout: New Vegas there is a massive opportunity for a humongous amount of power to be taken, so the question is, what happens now.

For this I wish to write something, beginning with the continuation of the Lone Wanderer's journey and perhaps later on at least, the continuation of the Courier's journey (which can't even be thought of until Lonesome Road). So to begin writing I wish to have a list of assumptions with which to begin. I have some of the base assumptions in mind and they include:

  1. The story begins in March, 2278 (a few months or so after the end of the main story line of Fallout 3)

Characteristics of the Lone Wanderer

  1. The Lone Wanderer is male.
  2. The Lone Wanderer activated the purifier himself and did not insert the FEV strand.
  3. The Lone Wanderer maintains a generally good nature, and commits little evil.
  4. The Lone Wanderer was lobotomized by Tober, but was unaffected by it.
  5. The Lone Wanderer is still fertile even after exposure to Radiation.
  6. The Lone Wanderer is well respected by most of the normal people in the wastes and has earned a special place with the regulators after eliminating Junders Plunkett, Eulogy Jones and Others.

The Capital Wasteland at the Start

  1. The Brotherhood of Steel is fully intact at the moment, with all named characters, except those who died explicitly in the main quest, alive, including those added by the various add-ons.
  2. The Enclave's bases at Raven Rock and Adams Air Force Base have both been destroyed, however much like in the main story line, deep enclave patrols and bases remain, and some semblance of leadership has been established.
  3. The Town of Megaton was not nuked, water shipments are no longer stolen by Mother Curie, and the water treatment plant has become stable after a large quantity of scrap metal becomes available for use, thus allowing Walter to fully repair the system temporarily.
  4. The Super Mutant production facilities at Vault 87 are no longer functioning, and a majority of the Super Mutants have been killed off, especially in D.C. However partially intelligent Super Mutants such as Fawkes, and Uncle Leo still remain.
  5. The Lone Wanderer assisted Moira Brown in creating the Wasteland Survival Guide, completing all secondary objectives as well.
  6. The Slavers at Paradise Falls are still intact, however Eulogy Jones has been assassinated by the Lone Wanderer, and he has also destroyed their outpost in the mall making them extremely hostile towards him.
  7. The Lone Wanderer completed the quest "Riley's Rangers" with no loss of life, and also took up a contract mapping the Wasteland for them.
  8. The Talon Company has been utterly annihilated with their leadership crushed and their outposts in the Capitol Building and other places throughout the Wasteland cleared of their existence.
  9. Agatha, although old, continues providing music for travelers and others with her Great Great Grandmother's Soil Stradivarius.
  10. Canterbury Commons has returned back to normalcy after the dispatch of The Mechanist and The Antagonizer. However, Scott Wollinski remains in the town and begins repairing robots to reinforce the town's security and The AntAgonizer is also left alive*.
  11. Red and Shorty of Big Town have been rescued and return home. The Lone Wanderer then teaches the town how to repair robots and how to use guns. Also sticky has been escorted from Little Lamplight to Big Town.
  12. Griffon is no longer selling Aqua Cura! however he is still alive*.
  13. Jericho, Star Paladin Cross, Clover, Sergeant RL-3, and all other followers remain alive*.
  14. Crazy Wolfgang, Lucky Harith, Crow, and Doc Hoff are all still alive.
  15. The quest strictly business has not been accepted by the player.
  16. The original overseer of Vault 101, Alphonse Almodovar, was not killed during the beginning of the game, or during "Trouble on the Homefront", however Amata, his daughter, is the current overseer.
  17. Officers Park and Officer Wolf were not Killed when you left the Vault*.
  18. Only Officer Wallie Mack and Agnes Taylor died during the attacks, and Beatrice died due to Andy.
  19. A majority of the Wasteland's locations have been cleared yet this is extremely apt to change, this I want suggestions for!
  20. Chief Harkness has left with Dr. Zimmer for the Commonwealth.
  21. The Lone Wanderer receieved modifications from Dr. Zimmer for assisting in the capture of Harkness.
  22. The Lone Wanderer cleared the Lincoln Memorial for the freed slaves at the Temple of the Union and also sold them all of Lincoln's relics, except his repeater.
  23. The Lone Wanderer has mapped all exterior locations thus giving him an extensive knowledge of the landscape and places.

Asterisks I'm not sure really what I want to happen with the characters, any suggestions wanted! Also for any other suggestions please go to a max of six months in advance.