Let's get one thing straight, I don't usually write blog posts. So this is a very unusual thing for me. I'm also not very active on Wiki's and forums either. But I get a lot of ideas, that if made public may get me arrested, for video games. I get all sorts of crazy ideas ranging from fanon to dlc, sequels and prequels, and even brand new Ip's. But, alas, due to several mitigating factors I cannot bring these to fruition. Luckily, how ever, I can write them down for future reference, and maybe even send the developers a few emails (or in the case of Gabe Newell and Left 4 Dead, a few hundred emails). So here I am with my ideas on what I'd like Fallout 4 to be.

I think the first thing we need to get clear is the location. A good game needs a good setting. I loved Fallout New Vegas but I just can't help but find flaws with it, including it's location. The Mojave was a great place to visit and it had some charm to it, but it didn't feel right. If you came straight from Fallout and Fallout 2 to New Vegas you'd feel right at home, but if you played many hundreds of hours into Fallout 3, it felt like you got shoved to the other end of the post-apocalyptic civilization spectrum. The developers pulled off the Mojave well, they had a vision of what they wanted and they succeeded, but in my opinion it felt too populated and civilized. The great thing about Fallout 3's location was that it felt abandoned, ruined, and it made the player feel alone, and as if they were looking at the ruins of a time gone by. Whereas in New Vegas, you got the feeling you were watching another civilization thrive. It didn't have that post-apocalypse feeling. In Fallout 3, towns were isolated from each other, with there being several miles of Wasteland, mutated creatures and Raiders in between each one. Sure, the same could be said of New Vegas, but there weren't as many mutated creatures and Raiders. You couldn't go five minutes without running into NCR Soldier's on patrol or one of their camps, or some members of Caesar's Legion burning a town down.

The towns themselves were fine, each one had unique characters that were fun to interact with and the New Vegas strip amazed me the first time I saw it. I was slightly disappointed because I had forgotten that it was based on the Vegas of the 50's and not the modern day Vegas, but it was still nice to look at. The Strip stood out against the bleak back drop of the Wasteland and it gave the player a goal, something to strive for. It made the player look at it and say "That's where I want to go," and I think that should be incorporated into Fallout 4. Have a location that can be seen from nearly anywhere on the map and make the player strive to go there. But make it so that the player can't just load up the game, skip the tutorial and head there on the back of a near by farmers Brahmin. Make it so that the player has to work to get there.

I don't know much about the United States due to the fact I live in England, but I feel to achieve this effect you will need a location that stands out. And what stands out when you think of the United State's of America? New York! Now I'm sure you've heard many people smashing their caps lock key and screaming it at you but you have to think logically about this. New York is massive. Even in the 50's it was a metropolis. The skyline can be seen from miles around and New York City is a North American icon. There isn't a single person on this Earth who knows of America and not of landmarks such as The Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. The massive Art Deco monoliths that make up New York City would make an amazing setting for a Fallout game.

"But none of those buildings would be standing after the nukes land!" I hear you scream at me, but what if they did? Not the entire building, just skeletal remnants of a once great empire. Bones of steel that stretch up into the sky, laced with memories of atomic fire. And below, the rubble of the past, nestling a new civilization ready to burst into life. And it is this civilization that you are striving to become a part of.

Manhattan Island, the most iconic part of New York City, was a prime target for the Chinese Nukes. With each missile bombarding it and the surrounding area you would've thought nothing would be left, but oh no. It has survived to live for another apocalypse. Billionaires who had invested their money into the city had used their fortunes to fortify the city against the coming nuclear attacks; strengthening buildings, constructing a massive wall around the island. Effectively turning Manhattan into a very large fort. Sadly, how ever, some missiles got through the defenses, forcing many to flee underground, and being sealed in side the New York subway system.

Fast forward two hundred years. Manhattan is still fortified, being inhabited by the descendants of those who watched nuclear fire rain down upon civilization, while the descendants of the "great protectors", those who had used their fortune to protect the island, have since moved on, and now take refuge inside the Statue of Liberty. Traders come in and out of the city now and again, but it is practically an above ground Vault. To the outside world, it is seen as a sight of grandeur, a beacon of hope to the inhabitants of the wasteland outside. But in reality, what was once the grand metropolis of Manhattan is now a post-apocalyptic slum. The cruel dictators live in the sky scrapers above the city, while on the ground the inhabitants fight over scraps of food and for their very survival, while underground, a revolution is brewing. Hundreds of ghouls, long since forgotten by time, amass weapons to take back the city.

And, like New Vegas, the city of New York, is in your hands.

Tune in next time for My Fallout 4 Part II - The People