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Our victory is imminent...

(Same thing goes as the last Enclave address, to be heard as in character.)

'"Men and women of America, our destiny beckons, stand with your brothers and sisters, stand with us all; the past is our faith, the present is our strength, and the future is our birthright!! The path toward a better tomorrow stretches out before us, toward a future that is golden and eternal. But our journey together must cross a wilderness of harshness and bloodshed, a landscape of lies and contempt, seeded by the venom of our old enemy.'

'Our foe knows us... they FEAR US, but we must not underestimate them. The NCR, while they cower and snipe from beneath their veneer of 'civility' and 'freedom', they make their pithy, yuling claims of 'liberty' and 'righteousness'. And all the while, they look upon the face of the Enclave with loathing and disgust! They see us as trespassers, outsiders, as though we are unwelcome on our own soil!!'

'They will learn their mistakes, my friends, we will show them the iron and steel beneath American flesh. We will cast them against the unbreakable boulder of our collected will, we will make them realize the truth: that the children of the Enclave know in our hearts, that our race, the Enclave, are the one and only step necessary for the salvation of all mankind.'

'America see's what lies in everyone of us! Our strength, and our indestructible spirit, and she will make it manifest!! We are the embodiment of that glorious legacy, the inheritors of the victory that we fight for everyday! We alone are fit to forge the future and the destiny of humanity. History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid!'

'We will not suffer the harassment of the spineless dogs of the NCR to dictate our path!'

'I am humbled by the magnificent example that we have set, the workers and soldiers among us who toil and ask not for a claim, but accept the honor of our leaders. The soldiers and warriors who burn with cold fire and unyielding resolve, never flinching before the guns of our adversaries!! The teachers, and commissars who hold the very soul of our people in their hands, shielding it, from the LIES of the traitorous and disloyal!'

'We seek reward in service alone! Each of us shares in the greatest glory of them all!! We are the true America!! Ruthless to those who oppose us, masters of those we defeat, unflinching in the face of adversity!! I have pity on those who are not born beneath our banner, for they will never know the TOUCH of greatness... as we do.'

'And yet... there lies some in our Nation who DO NOT march with us. Voices raised in dissent, opposition, and sedition! Soft minds! That take the words of those such as the NCR for truth!! Too those, who bear the seed of rebellion in their hearts, and question the way of the Enclave, I say this:'

Would you have us embrace the very thing that rejected us? Would you make us, lay down our rifles!? And surrender our armor, stark naked, before a force, that wishes only death for us!?

'Peace is something we all desire, but the NCR will make it the PEACE OF THE GRAVE!! Shattering our Nations spirit, and burning us to ashes!! Beware the puppets amongst us, my fellow Americans!'

'Know them, and SPITE THEM. Give them no second, or shelter! If anyone of you, doubts the fidelity of another, be it neighbor, brother, parent or child, speak!'

'It is the sworn duty of our soldiers, to isolate, and RE-EDUCATE these misguided souls. To bring them back to our national fold, EXPUNGE their weakness, for the greater good!!'

'Our victory is imminent... with our hearts tempered in the fires of war, we strive forward and take the fight to the foe. Our enemies tenacious and bold, the Brotherhood of Steel have dared to encroach and turn their weapons on that with which we hold dearest!?'

'Our cradle, our very roots... our, CAPITAL. This invasion will not go unpunished!! This criminal act, unleashed a WHIRLWIND of our wrath! Our guns never tire, and we will beat back the foe, and send them running for cover!'

'The path we have chosen... is not an easy one... struggle is the father of all things and true virtue lies in bloodshed. But we will not tire, we will not falter, we will not fail!!'

'In the blood of our own comes the price we must pay! Blood moves the wheels of history! And we will be resolute, we will fear no sacrifice, and surmount every difficulty to win back our NATION!!"'

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