Enclaveposters Mashup

Greetings all. It's come to my attention that quite a bit of fellow Fallout fans seem to have convinced themselves that the Enclave is dead due to two losses throughout the course of two games. I honestly have trouble grasping this, seeing as how this faction has effectively sown itself into a lot of the very fabric of Fallout lore as a, if not the -primary- antagonist.

Even more so I find this to be a bit selfish. We haven't been given the chance to join the Enclave yet... unlike practically every single faction in Fallout including the UNITY, which would effectively destroy all of humanity slowly but surely unlike anything the Enclave has attempted.

'Too late, they're dead.' How is this not a selfish outlook, exactly? How many players have sought for an option to join the Enclave? I'd wager a lot more than those that claim the Enclave is dead, frankly. In the interest of fairness, it's ridiculous an option hasn't been given when in the very first Fallout you're given the option to stand down and join the Master and his goal of total doom.

Joining the President of the United States in the course of two games? Hell to the no. Why... why is this? At least in Fallout 3 you're given a small option in the Enclave's favor, even though it's still playing with the idea and not elaborating on this in kind.

They have the means to give still occupied Vaults the all clear, disperse modified FEV throughout the -entire planet-, construct and use Vertibirds as well as multiple models of Advanced Power Armor, call down ICBM's on Transformers...

This would be -the- faction to align with in all honesty. It is because of their near-unlimited amounts of resources from the pre-war era that makes them so powerful, and yet it is their limited manpower that makes them so vulnerable. I see that issue easily corrected.

And yet, we have... what, 47 states and who knows how many Commonwealths yet to be revealed and theirs already claims that the remnants of the U.S government is totally eradicated because... they lost in two sequels?

I hate to break it to you, but that's what villains do. They lose. They then lose some more, but then they reappear. This is a fact elaborated on in countless amounts of series, and how this attention span isn't maintained in the case of the Fallout series... I'll never comprehend.

The Enclave is not dead. If they are, and we're going by this same logic declaring them to be, then so is the NCR in New Vegas if the Courier assassinated President Kimball and/or assisted the Legion. Or so is the Legion if the Courier assassinated Caesar and/or helped the NCR. Deal with it.

God bless the Enclave.

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