USA Flag Pre-War

What we fight for.

And in conclusion sweet America, the time has come to reveal the crisis we have averted for our own, the new, the old, and the prospective. The New California Republic's Office of Science and Industry is keeping hid from it's public a growing, and very dire food scarcity that is due to inevitably plague it's lecherous people.

The inevitable cause of the war is arising again because it's cause seemed permanent for the common laborer of the land. Research data recovered from the Societal Preservation Project's own Vault 22 has proven to be the most valuable breakthrough in that grand undertaking... to teach us how to survive a nuclear war, and how to recover from it so that we can insure it never, has to occur ever again.

The Enclave has, of course, archived this data for it's use and dispersal of it's results to the American people. My fellow American siblings, you will no longer have to worry about starvation or think of the harshness of your children being forced to starve...

All that is required of you is to join us in rebuilding this once great Nation as one race, one voice, one... Enclave!!!

Ncr scum

Abandon them for your very future!