Enclave remnant 145503

Salutations once again proud America, this is your President Eden2012 and I was hoping to set the record straight on a pretty significant misconception, if you have the time.

The misconception in question is of course, the Sacking of Navarro at the hands of the New California Republic. It has been recited by like-mindedly seditious supporters of the NCR that they were utterly justified in what they did at Navarro because of what the Richardson Administration had attempted.

And after undergoing the appropriate research personally, I have concluded there is not a single existing reference indicating everybody and their offspring were debriefed on every aspect of Enclave policy. That includes not only the NCR, but everyone and everything that would not have any conceivable way of comprehending intelligence on relatively isolated incidents. Even Owyn Lyons was unaware of this 'attempted global genocide', clearly, because his statements on the Enclave and about the Brotherhood's previous war with the Enclave is tantamount to this.

The policy in question of course being the Project. The only one proven to have gained any sort of knowledge of this was the Chosen One and the Chosen One only.

Henceforth... Navarro was indeed the result of a trademark dick-move on behalf of the New California Republic.

An isolated refueling outpost 'posing a threat to the region' inhabited by 700,000 egomaniacs is, quite simply, clownshit insane. If Obsidian wanted to imply otherwise, they would have had a character mention 'they tried to kill everyone and didn't succeed but still boohoo'. This is not the case, as it stands firmly.

NCR's alibi for raiding Navarro is literally the Fallout universe's version of the excuse the Bush Administration used to initiate the 2003 Iraq War. 'Weapons of mass destruction, they got 'em' despite said capability ceasing to exist for the remaining Enclave in the West due to the loss of the only source they had for such an advantage, Control Station Enclave.

Going by what is said in New Vegas about the NCR and then applying that same selfishly greedy imperialism to their raiding Navarro... you get no justification whatsoever. Absolutely none.

Oh, and just for the record, theirs likewise no such thing as 'attempted global genocide' because according to Geneva, you have to capitalize on such a thing to suffer the consequences. But for the sake of my intended point, a jury of peers/witnesses is also required to perpetuate the guilt needed to suffer the consequence. And there is no reference to that whatsoever.

To the NCR people who claimed this... practice what you preach instead of emulating the 'might equals right' outlook you claim to be against... it helps the credibility and not to mention the legitimacy along of the whole moral high-ground thing you're going by. But as it stands, the ones pointing the fingers are the bullies... not the ones that were forced to flee thousands of miles for mere peace of mind.

Perspective dear America, perspective, now and, forever.

That is all for now, this is your President, signing off. I look forward to your reception.

"Remember Navarro!"