Tidings my glorious America, this is your President, Eden2012, and I'd like to have a chat with those of you this particular address applies too. In the recent past, I have been extremely overzealous and slanderous in regards toward the other Fallout encyclopedia, the Vault.

I have realized that my 'Nukapedia nationalism' does nothing but inspire further conflict, tension, and condescension. In other words, it causes petty drama among our Fallout community and encyclopedia, as well as over there, no doubt. I no longer want to participate in such things, and I don't want to indulge such anymore either, unless I as an individual am directly and personally provoked.

Despite all of our various opinions, interpretations, and theories into the Fallout series, we all still have one thing very much in common. We love the Fallout game series. We love Fallout enough to tirelessly pour our time on this Earth into stockpiling information on Fallout, discussing/debating Fallout for hours upon hours end, etcetera.

I for one, am ready to embrace that similarity among us, use it to get along, and cooperate peaceably and respectfully. I am truly sorry for past misgivings and incidents, and you have my solemn pledge to never be involved in such conflicting events again.

Thank you for your time, this is your President, Eden2012, signing off.