Found at Bethforum (source: ), the current composed wishlist by the community over there that will likely be seen or at least glanced at is as follows:

Table of Contents:

1. World

    1.1. Towns
    1.2. Structures
    1.3. Housing

2. Player

    2.1. Leveling

3. Characters 4. Companions 5. Enemies 6. Factions 7. Weapons

    7.1. Unarmed
    7.2. Weapon Modifications & Features

8. Aid Items 9. Armor 10. Story & Writing

    10.1. Quests

11. Karma & Reputation 12. Gameplay Mechanics

    12.1. Economy
    12.2. Mini Games & Interact-able Items
    12.3. Crime & Punishment
    12.4. Combat
    12.5. Stealth

13. VATS 14. Skills

    14.1. S.P.E.C.I.A.L

15. Perks & Traits 16. Hardcore Mode 17. Audio 18. Visual

    18.1. Player & NPCs

19. User Interface

    19.1. Pip-Boy

20. AI 21. Engine 22. GECK / Modding 23. Misc

1. World:

   If the world is large enough, include vehicles but in small numbers. If it isn't large enough, do not include them. Vehicles should also be focused on more as important tools that can be used as transport, rather than just vehicles to crash around, this is a post-apocalyptic world after all.
   In addition to vehicles, have rideable bicycles as well that could be found way more frequently.
   A map with different varied environments that cover different parts of the map
   In addition to more environments, the whole map in general should contain more vegetation (way more than Fallout 3)
   Different types of weather such as rain, snow, heavy wind, hail, dust storm, etc. along with day/night effects
   A world the size of Skyrim's or larger; spread towns and populations out more than Fallout 3 & NV
   More funny/creative dev easter eggs (SuperDuper Mart domino effect, perverted teddy bears, plunger room, etc.)
   More underwater exploration with some underwater combat included
   Better use of world space. No more large swaths of unused land (ex. Nellis AFB and Sharecropper Farms in NV)
   For realism sake and better world design there needs to be bigger gaps between civilized and hostile zones. In the middle of the two is just the wild and the wildlife within it.
   More emphasis on areas with very poor light. The player must navigate their way through the dark with their pipboy light (inferior as it only casts around you) or with additional lighting elements such as flashlights, torches, helmet-mounted lighting, and flares. Perhaps fixing / "powering up" the lighting systems could be an option.
   More interactive objects that have an effect on the world (the truck above Cottonwood Cove in NV), some coming with skill checks
   Radioactive goo/acid spills & puddles brought back from originals with the need to cross through them with boots (Fallout 2) or a radiation suit. They will frequently block off nice loot so it helps to cross them. Going through them without protection quickly erodes away at and decreases your armors condition before eventually killing you.

1.1. Towns

   More larger settlements, similar/bigger in size to Rivet City and Megaton
   Towns should have bigger populations
   Each town done by a different artist like Skyrim but with a different style each time as well
   If a town has been around for years and is a nicer place, it shouldn't be dirty/trashed
   Towns should evolve

1.2. Structures

   Have farms/power generation/etc and explain how settlements interact with the world
   Make the majority of buildings accessible, less boarded up / inaccessible ones
   Add barber shops
   Similar to Lonesome Road DLC (NV), overturned and damaged skyscrapers can turn into caves and such and are explorable
   If there is a sufficient amount of skyscrapers, have random collapses of dust/debris/materials from the top with some possible of killing you
   Arena battles where you can participate, bet, or watch.
   Make use of the rooftops
   IF vehicles are added, add repair shops to fix your vehicle when it's damaged by gunfire, explosives, and crashes. Additionally, you can purchase repair tools for your garage to fix the vehicle on your own (the vehicles fixes would factor into your Repair skill). See garages in Section 1.3 Housing for more info

1.3. Housing

   Be able to put different types of furniture
   Be able to correctly place down items you have collected
   People who you can hire to do services at your house
   Mannequins to put your clothes/armor on
   Weapon display walls and showcases
   Functional bookcases
   Be able to move all your stuff from one house to another
   Ability to rename your containers
   If you leave a companion at your house, they will actually seem at home. If appropriate skills are met, they can sometimes be found utilizing a crafting table, chemistry set, etc.
   IF vehicles are added, add purchase-able garages outside of bigger towns to safely house your vehicle. This prevents it from being stolen. Additionally, free garages on old damaged pre-war houses could be used. These garages however do not make your car completely safe and Raiders as well as other people looking to steal the vehicle will break into the garage. Traps can be set to prevent intrusion. See vehicle theft quests in Section 10.1 Quests

2. Player:

   Different body types (average, skinny, chubby, buff, etc.)
   Scars, tattoos, freckles, birth marks, piercings, etc.
   Age and height modifier
   Many more varied and better hairstyles, same for facial hair
   Be able to choose a default expression
   Age slider actually shows aging (wrinkling, liver spots, etc.)
   Different eye brow & eye/ear shape types to choose from
   Option for no eyebrows and/or teeth
   Increase or decrease amount of hair on body
   Ability to change the clothes you're wearing underneath (when you don't have any apparel equipped)
   Be able to change the tone of the player characters grunts, yells, etc.

2.1. Leveling

   Higher level cap than NV's 50 with the tradeoff being that perks stop at some point as well as skill points eventually leveling off as well. This happens earlier on, meaning creating a fully maxed out player should be near-impossible but being able to achieve a high level is an option for people who wish to do so.
   An equivalent of Logan's Loophole is put in the game but rather than being a trait it is now a choice that doesn't occupy a trait space. This choice cuts down the level cap by a little more than half.

3. Characters:

   No essential NPCs, anyone can be killed. If an important person to the story dies, a warning will be displayed. Children remain essential.
   What you say to certain people has consequences and NPCs can be offended
   Conversations with NPCs are deep and it pays off to listen to them
   Local dialects and terms among people (not everyone knows to call a mutant cow a Brahmin)
   People of the wastes should react more appropriately and not be all careless. Coming up to people in the wastes they will likely aim their guns at you and initiate a conversation (similar to Legion/NCR assassins in NV, your words will either let you move on or combat will ensue). Also if there is an issue with a town (such as the water wells of Goodsprings being overwhelmed by Geckos), people of the town should show stress and weariness.
   A west coast super mutant or two, who have wandered over to the east coast
   NPCs that pickpocket the player
   More cannibals
   More wildlife
   Different types of dogs
   Amputee people
   Starving people ; starved-looking people
   Grotesque mutants
   Some intelligent Mirelurks
   See and/or hear about the hairy Deathclaws of Fallout Tactics

4. Companions:

   Revamped Companion Wheel command system brought back
   People notice your companions
   Companions have chats and interact with each other
   Greater diversity of animal/creature type companions
   You can make a companion wait for only a set amount of time and then they will come back to you.
   All companions should have depth to themselves along with stories/quests and should always be more than just personal slaves (Skyrim)
   Companions who mirror you and will judge you on your actions based on what you do and their ideology if they have one or not
   Special cases of companions who only respond to a player with 4 Charisma or less. Others who only respond to a player with 9CHR or higher.
   Companions are not only limited to combat roles but can be strictly a support role
   You can command companions to use their good skills if your skill isn't good (such as lock picking a door, disarming mines, etc.)
   Have companions interact with the world and people around you
   Mercenary followers that cost caps
   When going to sleep, companions should say something to you first and then go do something while you sleep

5. Enemies:

   Many enemies have no level scaling and the enemies with level scaling have unnoticeable scaling. Enemies with locked high levels are a must to defend areas low-level players shouldn't yet enter (so they don't obtain high-level items).
   Disregard Fallout 3's bad leveling where e.g. regular Super Mutants all turn into Brutes and Masters, therefore creating some unknown lack of regular SMs and suddenly powerful ones all over.
   Feral ghouls can be caught feasting on dead humans and will try to eat you too
   Different types of Feral Ghouls meaning some that still run, some that are slower and walk, some that crawl, etc.
   Flying enemies such as Bloatflies/Cazadores can fly higher and have the ability to latch onto surfaces (walls, ceilings, etc.)
   More Legendary-type enemies like New Vegas
   Bring back Floaters
   Have a Behemoth Robot from FO: Tactics somewhere in the game
   Include Fallout 2-style Sentry Bots
   Less emphasis on adding more enemies simply to shoot at but more emphasis on the stories behind enemies and why they are there in the first place
   Enemies that attempt to capture you alive rather than dead, perhaps as a faction

6. Factions:

   Unique joinable factions with unique quest lines
   Different Raider gangs and Raiders that aren't automatically hostile
   Factions that were in previous titles (Enclave, BoS, etc.) must match the game's location (for example NCR would be in California but not the East Coast)
   Have the majority of factions be ones we've never seen before
   Faction memberships have consequences
   Many people have requested player faction/base building, if this is done then implement it into the story and not as a secondary game mechanic.

7. Weapons:

   Re-armable traps and traps you can set
   Thrown weapons should be able to be retrieved
   Fatmans need to be more practical and have missions where they are strongly suggested to be used.
   Fun weapons (think Rock-It Launcher, Railway Rifle, or MIRV)
   A lot of weapons with much variation (working on the numbers NV brought to the table)
   Bring back different ammo types
   Strength requirements brought back
   Weapon degradation needs to be slowed down or replaced with a new system
   Crouching gives small accuracy bonus, going prone gives a big bonus, rapid fire increases recoil and hip fire increases sway. All negative stats get reduced the higher your required skill is.
   Many more craft-able weapons
   Bring back most weapons from the originals
   Ability to rename weapons
   NPCs with modded weapons
   NEW WEAPONS: Throwable rocks, corrosive & chemical type weaponry, stun gun type weapon, a carry-able and mounted M2 Browning, a mortar, a weapon that yanks people's heads off, crossbows, recurve bows, speargun

7.1. Unarmed

   While fighting you should do different moves than just the same punch every time
   People can be knocked out

7.2. Weapon Modifications & Features

   Bring back and expand on weapon mods
   Unique weapons able to be modded as well
   Be able to craft sticky grenades/mines and attach explosives to other weapons (such as duct taping dynamite to a spear)
   Be able to put unique upgrades on weapons such as faster fire rates, more damage, slower degradation, etc.
   Iron sights brought back (obviously)
   Different levels of scopes
   Be able to hold your breath and focus when in a scope
   Be able to repaint weapons and customize weapons in other ways

8. Aid Items:

   Chems have a range of different hallucinations & visual effects
   Alcohol makes you more and more drunk and psycho will make neutrals/friendlies appear hostile
   Ability to bottle your own water
   Smoke able cigarettes that also have many negative effects especially in the long run
   Less abundance of 200 year old food
   Stealthboys can be turned on and off during use instead of being permanently on
   Healing through sleep now works similarly to Fallout 1 & 2 (a calculated amount of time based on severity of injuries must be slept for a full recovery)
   If chem addiction lasts for too long it begins to affect your characters physical appearance.
   Less abundance of stimpaks compared to NV & 3, more challenging to discover
   Canned and packaged foods can be cooked giving them better benefits

9. Armor:

   Some armors with switchable pieces, similar to TES
   Be able to repaint armors and customize armor in other ways
   Many regular clothing options
   Pre-war clothing comes in different colors rather than the same for all (e.g. red/green/blue/yellow/pink/orange Sexy Sleepwear)
   Shields and riot shields
   Armor mods/upgrades
   Combine DT with DR
   Keep New Vegas system of categorizing armors as light, medium, heavy
   Power armor helmets change your first person view as well as including a toggleable night/heat vision view
   Holsters, ammo pouches, etc. could be added to certain armors/clothings (have no effects on stats)
   Ability to place any duster over any armor

10. Story & Writing:

   Good writing with no plot holes
   Ending should have many slides showing the effect you had on towns, factions, situations, followers, people, etc.
   Do not revolve the game's story around androids. Androids (which are AI) have been done before in Fallout 3 & Fallout Tactics (even New Vegas, as Mr. House is a talking screen outside of his container). They also are not original and have been done to death throughout media. It would simply be a rehash of something else and that would be very uninspired writing. Lastly, it opens up far too many plot holes and inconsistencies that would need to be covered in the writing. Nothing good can come from putting them in the game.
   Bethesda, create your own new lore and don't rely on the West Coast lore of the originals too much (example: FO3 putting enclave against BOS and having super mutants everywhere for the sake of it, both of these were a far stretch for the original lore)
   Hire better writers. The writing done on the Civil War in Skyrim (as well as The Pitt in Fallout 3) was a step in the right direction with moral greyness but still lacks proper rewards and consequences. The reward does not have to be a unique weapon (although nice), it could also be a perk taught to you by the person you helped. These are far superior rewards compared to 50 caps and some ammo.
   There should be no clear white vs. black but simply a world full of many shades of grey
   Ability to play a 100% pacifist playthrough
   Very blank slate type of beginning
   Your actions have an effect on so many things in the game world, even small actions
   You should never be forced into helping one faction
   Include a definitive ending; give warnings beforehand and make automatic saves before the game ends
   Longer story than all previous Fallouts
   Explain some lore/popular questions
   Fallout Tactics' Barnaky ending made canon
   More politics between humans, Super Mutants, and ghouls within big nations. The reason being after many decades, they should be more blended. However despite this blend, some racial issues will continue to remain.

10.1. Quests

   Quests can be failed.
   Do not go overboard with fetch quests
   Some quests have time limits, failing to meet it can either change the quest entirely or result in failure
   Quests where you have actual competition (to see who can retrieve something, assassinations, etc.)
   IF vehicles are added, your vehicle can be stolen and this initiates a quest. Some areas your vehicle is more likely to be stolen.
   Bring back the generated quests of Skyrim, but improve on the issues and shortcomings it had. The Radiant quests given from factions factor into reputation, lower reputations mean simpler jobs and higher reputations mean more demanding jobs.
   Radiant quests can sometimes affect the outcomes of towns, people, etc.
   A huge amount of side quests on par or exceeding NV. A good amount of those side quests are also very detailed like FO3's.
   Multiple quests in towns, that stay within the town
   Options to capture people alive, in and out of quests
   Misc/unmarked quests marked down similar to Skyrim, with a counter for collection quests
   Quests thought out so well that even the slightest differences in play can completely affect the outcome (different tactics in combat, going different directions, accomplishing goals in a different order, etc.) A variety of dialogue choices should still be available however.
   Jobs including but not limited to bounties, caravan jobs, assassinations, courier deliveries, being a bouncer, town patrols, etc. Some of these would be pre-designed, while others would be Radiant (generated).
   Challenges brought back from NV but expanded upon (instead of just kill 50 ghouls put some fun & creative ones)
   No marriage

11. Karma & Reputation:

   If the owner of property has been killed, taking their items gives bad karma but is no longer labelled as stealing (can't steal what nobody longer owns)
   If the owner of a bed has been killed by you, you can use the bed
   'Last witness killed' mechanic brought back from Skyrim
   Karma is determined like FO1/2 meaning your reputations among everyone is added up to an average
   Your overall karma has a wider effect on NPC disposition of you making it harder or easier for you to become friendly with someone.
   Killing evil characters nets you less good karma while stealing also nets you less bad karma as well. This is to prevent players from becoming too evil/good early on.
   If chem addiction lasts for too long it will permanently affect your reputation.
   Bring back reputation titles (Gravedigger, Prizefighter, etc.)

12. Gameplay Mechanics:

   Keep the DT system
   Ability to switch between real time and turn based. The turn based mode would be inspired by SuperHot and your actions would be limited by your AP like the original Fallouts.
   A minimalized cover system while in 3rd person (skimming along the walls and cover, popping over cover while firing/aiming, etc.)
   Backwards pedaling movement is more realistic and you move much slower but can receive faster backpedaling depending on your Agility. This makes walking backwards and continually shooting an enemy that more difficult.
   More random encounters
   Prone position
   Climbable ladders
   Limited function with crippled limbs (applies to player and NPCs)
   Many more scary moments
   Sex is brought back and done differently. Nudity before actual act but sex is still a blackout but with more noises and controller rumble
   Pip-Boy: Be able to change the color of the Pip-Boy light
   Pip-Boy: From the very beginning, the PipBoy can be swiped for a handheld version at any moment
   Fall damage completely redone: Small falls = slight health damage, medium falls = health damage & good chance of having legs crippled, long falls = massive health damage & legs instantly crippled. The player should never die from more or less feasible jumps/falls, epic heights are needed for deaths.
   Falling a long distance will cause you to lose control and be helpless in mid-air meaning you won't land on your feet. This renders hopping down cliffs difficult as you will fall over and tumble down.

12.1. Economy

   Doctors charge more for removing addictions and radiation, the cheaper the more inexperienced they are which opens up room for error
   A trade system which has effects on people around you ( ex. you sell rare power armor and find someone in the wastes wearing it)
   More desirable vendor items & vendor-specific items
   More things to spend caps on

12.2. Mini Games & Interact-able Items

   More gambling games and mini games
   Useable pool tables
   Better workbench that doesn't exit you after each crafting
   Useable ovens for cooking food
   Lights and other things can be turned on and off by switches
   Readable pre-war books, skill books, etc.
   Give ham radios a purpose
   In crafting, you can 'free craft', crafting without blue prints
   Different types of locks for lockpicking
   More terminals to hack and more options to choose from (there is an over abundance of door unlocking, needs more robot reprogramming/light power manipulation/gas line explosions/toxin releases/etc.)
   Add a 'Brute Force' option to the hacking mini-game (similar to 'Force Lock' during lockpicking)
   Re-do the hacking minigame and make it more skill-based. It involves too much guesswork and repetitiveness as it stands. This does NOT mean make it easier.

12.3. Crime & Punishment

   Bribery, intimidation, and robbery of NPCs as gameplay mechanics. However, these all affect your reputation if witnessed and if you let the victim live to tell the tale. Robberies of NPCs affect reputation the most, reflecting negatively on just about every faction very heavily as word spreads.
   Punching someone in town is treated differently than shooting someone
   Make being a thief more profitable
   More unique items you can pickpocket off people
   When you are witnessed stealing valuable items, the owner or a friend of the owner (if armed) may pull out a gun and yell at you to drop it instead of simply pestering/following you.
   Much like real life cities, include occasional murders in towns so that the player isn't the only one capable of killing off town members. Give the player a unique reward & reputation if they take out the murderer in time.
   Also include (a bit more frequently) robberies & thefts within towns. Stopping thieves has its own unique reward(s) or perhaps the player can join in on the thievery.

12.4. Combat

   Always have an alternative way to a situation than just combat
   Improved gore
   Bullet drop in long distance shots
   Bullets & projectiles move at realistic speeds
   If not behind proper cover explosives can and will knock down player character and NPCs
   Ability to put live and timed explosives within containers in addition to pickpocketing them onto people like we already do.
   Penetration system where bigger rounds can go through multiple people
   Projectiles now also penetrate certain walls, debris, barriers, etc. (anything with a penetrable tag on it in the engine). An entrance point is created (like already) and an exit point is created as well. After exit, the projectile has lost some of its force and its trajectory may be altered.
   Grenades possibly having their own button/key
   Dynamic crosshairs
   Proper recoil
   Be able to favorite a weapon of each different weapon class and have this weapon appear holstered on you in some form all within different areas (Skyrim had this ability within its engine but it was disabled)
   Wearing Power Armor and having a high-power weapon equipped will cause low level humans that would normally attack to run away from you
   In face to face combat, make it so the enemy will often push you or your weapon out the way (as to avoid the static up close combat of FO 3/NV)
   Melee and hand-to-hand enemies as well as creatures receive damage bonuses when attacking in numbers. This promotes the need to take these foes out before they reach you because if they do you will be in serious trouble no matter what armor you wear.
   Reintroduction of critical failures from Fallout 1 & 2, actively affecting both the player and NPCs

12.5. Stealth

   Better sneaking mechanics and stealth kill scenes
   More incentive to use stealth and concealed weapons
   Disguise system requires a helmet to be worn w/ armor in order to be successfully disguised
   Massive overhaul on sneak: (1) you should not able to be totally hidden in front of somebody, (2) no matter how much noise is produced NPCs should not see you through walls and know you're there, (3) NPCs must allow for sneaking past - one entrance w/ non-moving guards is bad game design, etc.

13. VATS:

   VATS shouldn't be completely OP. It should be more strategic, expanded on what NV did.
   VATS is real time, just slowed down a lot
   Add eye & groin shots
   No damage reduction, you should take almost 100% damage but there should be a limit to how much HP you lose so you don't get killed while firing (such as 85% of your HP can be lost)
   Player stops firing if enemy runs behind wall/cover
   Be able to exit VATS at any time
   Unarmed and Melee Weapons can select specific parts too
   Ability to slow down or speed up VATS kill cams

14. Skills:

   Adding back Small Guns and Big Guns or other skills, to spread out the points more and have your character have more specific weapon skills
   Introduce more skills
   Better character builds meaning much more emphasis on tagged skills. Tagging a skill no longer provides a flat bonus of 15, but each point invested in the skill counts for double like Fallout 1/2. You should be meant to stick to your characters goals and it should be very hard to change i.e. you can't just go from a ruthless melee weapons character to an all-out energy weapons character.
   The higher your Medicine skill = less chance of addiction & OD.
   Skillcap would remain at 100, but the cost to raise them would rise as follows: 1-50 1:1, 51-75 2:1, 76-100 3:1, the point being, the better you get the more difficult it is to get even better - this would make a maxed skill equal to skillcap of 175 - and I think it'd be easier to utilize the full scale of the skill, if it caps at 100 (instead of having skills cap at 200 or 300).
   Survival involves more than just being able to cook
   Some skill presets for different types of players
   Speech possibly split into Persuasion (persuading one to listen to you or give up info) and Deception (being able to disguise oneself and tell defensive lies)
   Skill not REQUIRED to hack/lockpick, but being below the certain amount makes the mini game a lot more harder
   A return of the Doctor skill and a reintroduction of manual healing: Manual healing would be similiar to Fallout 1 & 2 (only a few uses/24hours - they would take few in-game hours to be completed - success is determined by skill), and couldn't be used in combat or when enemies are nearby. Healing cripples wouldn't be possible with stims or sleeping, but would require manual healing and the ability to heal cripples would be dependent of the Doctor skill and the skill requirements of the crippled body part (head and torso would be harder to treat than legs and hands), otherwise a doctor is a must see. Manual healing is also able to be performed on injured companions or others in need.

14.1. S.P.E.C.I.A.L

   SPECIAL has greater impact on gameplay with each attribute having uses & meaning beyond the plain & obvious we already know now. Leave the discovery of its uses up to the player. A low SPECIAL stat may not mean its effects are completely negative, positive effects from low stats shall be sought as well.
   Strength: Allows you to lift heavy objects (opening rusty manholes, tipping over a car for cover, etc.) as well as give you the ability to break barriers/barricades
   Perception: Low PER results in anything further off in the distance becoming blurry along with books being too blurry for you to read --- this gives use to the glasses. PER allows one to check the world for all sorts of loopholes/strategies. With good PER, traps stand out more, you sometimes find more superior loot, you can use your perception on a door and eavesdrop on people possibly learning something valuable, you can smell the poison put in your food. You can notice modifications on an NPC's weapon and possibly gather info on an enemy's weaknesses. You can even use your environment to your advantage such as finding a crack in a wall and discover that with enough explosives/force you may blow a hole to the other side and find whatever is there.
   Endurance: Most importantly, this affects how long you can sprint (which also is affected by inventory weight). Affects how many chems you can handle at once before OD, also affects the severity of side effects & addiction effects. Endurance controls how much pain you can withhold before becoming far too negatively affected (see pain threshold in Section 16. Hardcore Mode).
   Charisma: Affects the number of companions one can have (5CHR for 1, 8CHR for 2). Opportunities for very low/high CHR companions exist... (See special case companions in Section 4. Companions for more) Good charisma makes going up the ranks of reputation easier. Also, Charisma greatly affects NPC attitude towards player. With low CHR, some will not even bother talking to you, some will withhold info (possibly vital to your task). Some may even give false info to get rid of you.
   Intelligence: Notably, low INT literally makes you stupid and will reflect on your dialogue choices. If low enough you cannot read similar to Perception except all the text becomes gibberish instead (holodisks, notes, terminals, etc.) With skillbooks, you read the book but don't understand any of it. Of course, there is benefits to having low INT as well. You may be pitied and left alive, you can have actual intelligent discussion with other stupid people and they are far more likely to respect you compared to others.
   Agility: With higher Agility you take less fall damage, can jump further, increases sprint & reload speed by +10% for each point past 5 or by -10% for each point below 5, and also possibly allows you to climb certain surfaces.
   Luck: High luck gives more critical hits, low luck causes more player critical failures. High luck may cause you to find more caps in a container, low luck may cause you to find none at all. Good luck improves random loot. Luck also improves your percentage of force lock on locks/brute force on terminals. Furthermore, Luck may give an extra positive/negative effect from chems, bad luck may affect the condition of gear you find, etc.

15. Perks & Traits:

   More perks that have actual effects rather than skill boosts
   Bring back Traits and more of them
   Contract Killer/Law Bringer perks include actual quests
   Dual wielding perk (in the fun league of perks like Bloody Mess)
   Perks every 2 levels
   Ability to repair/build robots
   No longer forced to take a perk when asked, can proceed on without picking any
   The Wild Wasteland trait is now a gameplay choice instead and doesn't occupy a trait space.
   Bloody Mess perk becomes a trait like Fallout 1/2 and provides no damage bonus
   Intense Training perk not available until level 12 and only one point can be added to each attribute (similar to Fallout 1/2's Gain Attribute perk)
   Fix the Animal Friend perk: Animals won't attack you at rank 1, however if you attack them they still continue to remain friendly. They should attack back if attacked and especially defend their buddies if you purposely cause them trouble. At rank 2, the animals are suppose to protect you from hostiles. The problem is followers will defend these animals even if they attack allied humans.

16. Hardcore Mode:

The majority of these would only become active during hardcore mode, although some could make their way into normal mode. Perhaps players could enable hardcore mode features in normal mode through an Advanced Options window but turning on hardcore mode turns on every single feature. Some features may not be allowed to be toggled in normal mode.

   Sleep decreases your skills more and more the longer you go on without rest and perhaps you could even pass out if gone on for too long. Passing out in 'unsafe' areas includes a chance of being awaken by an enemy attack on you or being robbed
   The game remains real time when you pause
   Have tons of different moods your player can plunge into, some with positive skill effects and some with negative
   Radiation decreases max HP by 1% for each 10 rads
   Option for having only one life (after death the save is inaccessible but could display your stats and cause of death)
   No compass markers for quests, locations, and enemies
   Playing the radio gives away your position
   Backpacks that increase weight capacity, not necessarily a hard core feature
   Weather affects the body. Not wearing the right clothes within the cold will lead to frostbite and a slow death, wearing too much clothes/not being hydrated within the heat rapidly increases food/drink/sleep meters, etc.
   There is a pain threshold meter (just like FOD, H2O, etc.) and you can become too much in pain (usually after taking too much damage at once) and this will have increasingly negative effects on player. Only way to stop the pain is let it level off over time, Med-X (instant pain relief but addictive and too much will result in OD), or you can sleep off the pain. If your pain threshold meter hits 1,000 you will go into shock and die instantly.
   Fast travel disabled, rely on you or other people's transportation
   If being transported by someone, you have a chance of running into a dangerous random encounter
   Can openers required to open and eat canned foods such as Pork-N-Beans
   Raw food has a high chance of sickness, some more than others
   Some infections and diseases
   Realistic damage applied to you and everyone else (head shots equal instakill, only a few bullets on unarmored body for death, explosives could be instakill, explosive shockwaves cripple many body parts, etc.)
   Have to pre-load magazines and reloading before discharging all bullets puts a partially loaded magazine back in your inventory (such as a 5.56mm Banana Mag w/ 6 of 30 rounds left).
   Ammo and aid items are a lot more scarce
   Inventory space is managed differently possibly through a grid layout and you can't have a bunch of huge things (no Minigun in your back pocket for emergencies but if you really need it, it will likely be your only primary weapon)
   An optional choice where you can only save in beds
   Chems can be overdosed and kill you almost instantly
   Be able to set camp in the wasteland
   Chem addictions have more severe consequences (such as Med-X making you more susceptible to damage)
   The need for tools for self-repairs
   Pip-Boy is real time
   Stimpak/chem usage/changing ammo, armor, weapon/etc. is now animated meaning you can no longer spam effects. An action queue will be shown in the Pip-Boy and upon exit you will perform your actions in real time or it could just be done where you perform the appropriate animation after each animation.
   Reducing someone to ash/goo destroys everything in their inventory
   Doctors Bags don't instantly heal but steadily heal for around an in-game hour
   Fixer has a percent chance of curing addictions and it lowers the more severe your addiction(s) is/are
   The lower their condition the more your gun will actually jam during firing and the chance of critical failure quickly goes up (completely destroying the weapon)
   Just about any action you perform will cost some AP
   A slider for increasing enemy spawns
   Followers now require ammo supplied by you and this ammo actually decreases from use now.
   Stimpaks have weight
   Ammo comes in three qualities: Pre-War, Homemade, and New. Pre-War ammo is common in more abandoned areas. This ammo will often damage your weapons, cause jams, be a dud, and even explode. Homemade ammo can come from anyone (including yourself) and its effectiveness varies. It may be normal, it may be underpowered, or it may be overpowered (which isn't a good thing - will put much stress on weapon condition). New ammo comes from experienced presses (like the Gun Runners or The Pitt). Its behavior is completely normal like we experience now.

17. Audio:

   More music in general including more radio stations
   A very big list of quality voice actors who are either unknown or b-list. No famous actors.
   Improve the ambient music
   A radio station that praises your good deeds (like Three Dog), but an evil radio station that does the opposite by praising your bad deeds
   Radio stations take note of competitive quests. If someone beats you at the task the radio will praise them instead.
   Radio announcements should make sense by taking some time before announcers comment on your quests. They shouldn't know automatically.
   Bigger variety of music genres that still fit within the game atmosphere and the 50s
   Temporary semi-deafness from explosions
   Combat music changes based on the severity of who's attacking
   Some feral ghouls let out a couple words before being killed (the little humanity they have left)
   High quality weapon sounds and hear the bullets fly by and ricochet
   Actual audible sounds produced by armor (depending on bulk and weight)
   Robots have their FO 3 voices back again, not their NV one
   Death narrations brought back from original Fallouts, can be turned off

18. Visual:

   DO NOT include the blocky faces of Skyrim
   Limited DoF (depth-of-field)
   Bump up the texture resolutions
   No weird tinted skies but instead clear, realistic looking ones
   Fire spreads to the surrounding area
   Some destructible environments
   Mirrors you can look in
   In addition to first and third person, include a top-down view
   Many more fluid animations in every single category, all around the game world
   Some cutscenes
   Weapon conditions should show decay (rust, cracks, etc.)
   Better and more varied graffiti across the wastes
   Better draw distance (objects are poorly drawn while in scopes)
   Darker nights
   A camera that operates more like Fallout 3's and not New Vegas

18.1. Player & NPCs

   Hair & cloth physics
   When you go to sleep you actually lay down on the bed
   Accurate player head-tracking in 3rd person view
   People's faces show emotions
   Bring more animation and life to conversations
   See breathing if cold out
   Battles with dozens of people on screen at once, sometimes more
   People playing harmonicas, littering empty bottles, playing chess (playable by the player as well), etc.
   Many different textures and models for each generic enemy and possibly a full-on randomization process
   When you take all the clothes off someone, the top (bra/shirt) would come off both male and female
   Redesign the feral ghouls
   NPCs can get their limbs torn off but still be living
   Be twitchy and have a shaky camera when on too much Jet
   Animations for everything you activate
   Walking leaves foot prints
   Visible legs in first person
   Player has many idle animations that come from their high skills, location, equipped weapons, etc.
   Visible player conditions (burnt, bruised, sickly, poisoned, starved, dehydrated, etc.)
   While sprinting/walking/idle-standing you (and others) hold your two-handed weapons down (assault rifles, shotguns, snipers, etc.) and hold one-handed weapons up.
   If your limbs are crippled they should show wear and tear (blood, bullet holes, etc.)
   More player death scenes rather than just rag doll
   When someone is set on fire they should stumble around, if a critical occurs they will drop and roll until they burn to a crisp. Anyone touched by someone on fire will also catch on fire.
   When arms are at rest the Pip-Boy's light should swing with arm movement similar to a lantern. When aiming down the sights it should behave like a flashlight.

19. User Interface:

   Improve the UI and make it PC-friendly
   Be able to look at items in full 3D view like Skyrim, look at original Fallout games for inspiration
   Although there should be less of them, loading screens should be more interesting similar to Skyrim (where you view game assets in 3D instead of looking at static pictures like in Fallout 3/NV)
   Adjustable FOV without console commands
   Another improvement would be the ability to make folders for saves
   Ability to sort saves by character
   Multiple autosave files like Skyrim
   Ability to rename save game files
   Improve the HUD with not as much of a bloaty feeling and be able to enable/disable specific parts of the HUD
   Before adding a mod, upgrade, customization, etc. to a weapon you get a visual preview
   In character creation, the sliders shouldn't just continually click left or right but just move along smoothly

19.1. Pip-Boy

   Fix the Aid and Misc sections which become cluttered and also improve the Notes section by organizing schematics, recordings, etc.
   Pip-Boy needs other improvements as well such as level selection in interior maps and an upgrade to the hot key system (frustrating to use on consoles)
   A codex system within the Pip-Boy that keeps track of creatures you encounter, notable NPCs, items, advancements in lore, and other things.
   The Pip-Boy's map of the world would be 3D like Skyrim but with a Fallout twist to it
   Do not forget to include roads onto the world map like you did with Skyrim
   Be able to set points of interest on Pip-Boy map
   More understandable stat increases from items and from chems w/ an explanation (how do they give these increases?)

20. AI:

   Covering fire, repositioning, cover usage, flanking, flushing enemies/you out with grenades are some good things that could be implemented.
   Enemies that are clearly overpowered should flee very early on
   Smarter follower AI that also notices how you are trying to fight in a battle
   If you pull a gun out and aim it at someone, they should be reactive and pull out their gun as well
   NPCs should notice bodies, open doors, knocked over/missing objects, and anything out of place. This will send their AI into an investigative mode.
   AI in the wild are less aggressive, in combat the AI is at its most aggressive (not always, but often)
   NPCs will take over a job if the previous NPC was killed
   NPCs need to recognize mines (frag mines, etc.) that are theirs and quit blowing themselves up.
   When sniping, the AI will some times fight back by pitting a counter-sniper against you

21. Engine:

   Revamped Creation Engine or completely new
   Script extender/more scripts already built in
   Make the game 64bit and uncap the amount of memory the game can use
   Remove any bugs especially game breaking ones
   Fewer loading screens
   Little to no invisible walls
   Be able to render more items within a cell more smoothly
   Improve the grab/move/throw physics and sensitivity along with an ability to rotate
   DirectX 11 support
   Be able to get on the top of all buildings (or the majority)
   Entering buildings within a town or area requires no loading screen and instead you have an animation where you open the door and close it behind you
   Be able to see through & out windows
   Higher controller/mouse sensitivity
   Do not hold back the game with support for Xbox 360 & PS3; strictly next-gen only

22. GECK / Modding:

   Steam Workshop integration
   Develop better terrain manipulation controls for better detail and use terrain paints instead of copy-pasted rocks and cliff sides everywhere.
   Ability to add more lighting (which was capped in Skyrim causing texture popping and blackouts on textures)
   Uncap the 255 mods you can use without worrying about memory overload
   Compiler with an extended limit of characters
   Map all of the properties/objects/actors by their Form ID's or other coded number that doesn't rely on the Editor ID name so that if you wanted to organize your objects you wouldn't have to remap/link all of your aliases/objects to your object again just to change the name.
   More sensible movement within the render window & key remapping
   Proper scaling
   Either no hard cap on the number of animations, or support a few extra slots ~even if unused in the official game. This would allow a modder's custom gun to support adding a custom reload; or unique attack animation.
   More intuitive ~or at least better documented Object-palette workflow; and material set usage; and addons (models)
   A modest selection of additional dialog from all (or at least most) of the principle voice artists. For instance... Mr. Burke [via GECK content files], could say, 'I have another job for you, are you interested?', and then [affirmative], "I have an acquaintance looking for a delivery boy"... "Be at [Ten Penny's | Dunwhich | Rail yard | the Rivet City Bridge].... at [1,2,3,4,5,6,7... O'clock]" , "[he/she] will fill you in on the details".
   Working/Reliable support for world space creation
   Sort By Function - allowing you to sort objects by their type
   Options to map orbit, pan, zoom on keyboard and mouse
   Snap To Function - allowing you to take an object and snap it to another
   Decent text editor with syntax highlighting
   Place-able Pivot Point - Ability to orbit around any where in the world without losing control, like you do so often in the CK
   1st Person View / Testing - Ability to walk around in the CK
   Exposed access to the foot/floor kinematics (the behavior of the feet adjusting to uneven ground height); or just an explanation of how to use it in custom models.

23. Misc:

   Don't rush the game
   Do not let Fallout 4 easily be dubbed a "Skyrim with Guns" - make Fallout a distinct series
   Another competition for a user-made perk like Fallout 3
   A Great War flashback
   Listen to the community! Take a look at mods as well
   Have Obsidian help with development
   Take on more volunteers for things like consults, graphics work, coding, bug squashing, etc.
   Take advantage of your M rating
   Despite being about TES, Bethesda employees should take big notes on this video: Link

Thoughts? Personally, I find myself agreeing wholeheartedly with much of this.