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Exploits II:

Exploits III:

My darling, dearest America... the time has come for Volume IV, and, subsequently of course... so hasFallout 4!

I wanted to share some of my character CRONOS' moments and memories as he (reluctantly) traverses through the Commonwealth...

I'll update as often as possible and as I snap more screenshots, I forget too quite often but I am getting better in remembering to snap what I think might be epic to showcase.

Just remember: The duty of rebuilding this great nation of ours will take time.

May long life and glorious triumph find itself abundantly supplying the government of this great Nation of ours!!

Now! Tomorrow! Always!!!

Back In Black

Back. In. Black.

VA Team I

Verti-Assault Team TRIUMPH troopers pick up some turbulence in their Vertibird.

VA Team II

Have a nice day...

VA Team Engage

Verti-Assault Team 'TRIUMPH' engaging BoS air units.