It has recently dawned on me that perhaps the Enclave have been a bit rash in past actions and with relations toward the Brotherhood of Steel and the New California Republic. Perhaps it is time we rectify these... misunderstandings and overcome our problems through constructive diplomacy like adults. We will never be able to rebuild our scarred land if we do not cooperate, right?

What I'm proposing is a truce. A ceasefire between the good people of the Enclave, the honorable Brotherhood of Steel, and the sovereign New California Republic to insure continually consistent success in the restoration of civilization for the many. This isn't too much to ask of those that represent the BoS and NCR, is it...?

April Fools, trololololol. We will show you conviction as we tread along the glorious road of instant progress... (Credit goes to Gunner for the April Fools joke idea.)