(The following is a look into the ultimate fate of my own personal and beloved character, Special Agent CRONOS. He's been my character since Fallout 2, and I've had a lot of fun with him. Unfortunately, immortality is an impossibility, especially as one of the few last remaining pure humans. In an undisclosed year, possibly a little after Fallout 4 and depending on the future of the Enclave, old Jack Hunter, codename Agent CRONOS of the Secret Service will die in his late 70's from a plasma weapon discharge to the head. Suicide. Read on as to why in an in character perspective...)

-You see a corpse in Advanced Power Armor Mark I with empty syringes and a Glock 86 Plasma Pistol lying near it, it bears the symbol of the Enclave...-

-You find a note with blood and other wet stains on it, it reads:

"Fuck. Fuck it. Fuck it all. Tried... so hard, failed... failed. Failed America, failed Enclave... failed people. Tried to rebuild... failed. Tried to help, failed. Tried to help people... failed. Lived too long and nothing to show for it... NOTHING. Done trying... I've just, failed. Why didn't they ever tell me how hard rebuilding America was gonna be? I tried... really did, why can't anyone understand? Get hating looks everywhere I go... fucking goddamn it. Can't do nothing right, fail at everything. Too old, fucking too old and worn out to keep trying... No point. No point...

Honor. Duty. Courage. Semper Fi. Agent CRONOS signing out..."-

-You see blood stains.-