USA Flag Pre-War

What we fight for.

(The following is a boost of morale directed toward fellow Enclave supporters and members, and is to be heard as in character.)

Brothers, sisters, I envy us. To fight the enemy of our Nation, to face the enemy who would deny us even our right to breath, is an honor we all aspire too. Our flag means nothing if it isn't held aloft in the hands of the mighty, and it is now we who carry it. If the leg goes lame, it must be woved, if the kidney fails it must be cut out, the body does not live through the individual organs because sometimes for the body to survive parts of it must be lost. The good surgeon understands this. And I assure you of this... through your sacrifice, America, WILL, survive!!

As of today, we are the hands that bludgeon, the teeth that bite and tear, we are the beating heart of this Nation, the vital organ that keeps America alive. With our blood, we nourish ourselves and we nourish America. President Richardson once said the greatest weapon America possesses is it's people, and I never truly understood what he meant until today, seeing us stand with one another, at the ready to fulfill the promise of our forefathers... do I finally understand. Brothers and sisters, we are America!

Change is inevitable, no one, no one, understands this better than the Enclave. Not only did we embrace change, we bent it to our will, and then we mastered it. Now we must prepare to do it again, our time has come at last!! We owe our fathers a debt, and we can't allow the ghosts of their memories to stop us from doing what has to be done. They did what they had too in order to survive and so must we. To we who cling to the old ways I say this, do not mourn our fathers, we will meet them soon enough as we did what they would do for us in our stead...

We stand at the dawn of a new era, the very precipice of destiny, we are the light in the darkness. Those such as the NCR want to believe that we're evil. They've convinced themselves that we're... subhuman and somehow, undeserving of the basic liberties granted so freely to others. They do this to justify there own crimes! Remember, the man who seeks excuses for his actions is doomed to fail.

America is, and it always will be, our home. And the time has come to claim our birthright, to rise up and take back what was -stolen- from us! We are the Enclave, a name that strikes fear into the heart of all who hear it. We are not the monsters that they wrongfully claim us to be, but to the ones that dare wrongfully trespass on our land, we will be more frightful than even their worst nightmare.

When our fathers first arrived on the Mainland, they believed this place to be a curse. They were wrong, and in time they came to understand why. This scarred Nation has gifted us with everything we need to claim our rightful place in the world, all that is required of us is to embrace it, and America is ours yet again...

We are known as an uncompromising people, our flag strikes fear into the hearts of all who lay eyes upon it, and as you walk under it, know that Old Glory protects you because the banner is held aloft by all of the Enclave. The NCR stole California from our fathers, and now they want to take America from -us-! With smiles on their faces, and knives hidden at their backs, they talk of peace. But their diplomacy is just another word for thievery. Trading words with them is futile, their actions will make our intentions clear enough!

Let us remind everyone that no life lost in the service of our Nation is wasted, no blood spilled for a noble and worthy cause should be mourned. In the end, we pay what we must because we believe and deem it necessary to do so. Our leadership were negligent, they failed themselves, and they failed the people of America. We should thank them. Their incompetent misconduct almost cost us our Nation, but it has given us a new sense of purpose and tempered in the fire of adversity, our will is forged anew.

Fear is born of uncertainty, and we fear nothing because our purpose is clear, and our path is clearer. To be among the Enclave, is to know your place in the world, and from that certainty comes the strength to conquer all. I want to remind you that we are a free people. Free from uncertainty, free from doubt, free and secure in the absolute knowledge that we, and we alone, are capable of surviving and conquering the hardships of tomorrow.

The Enclave alone are fit to lead this Nation and all it's people through the trials that lay ahead. The NCR speak of the individual, they speak of the rights of every man, of one man. Who is this person, and why is he more important than the rest? Why do the needs of the Brahmin baron come before the many? I ask you this, how can this one man hope to stand against a unified America?

NCR and it's people are sick, poisoned, afflicted with uncertainty. They debate and they doubt, questioning themselves and others, always, unwilling to see what is right before them. We will make them see, and as we hold their heads in our hands, they will stare into the eyes of tomorrow, and then, they too, will finally understand...

The NCR and it's citizens are blind to the troubles of this Nation, and in their ignorance, they find comfort. Hope and faith are the radical cry of the lazy, and the excuses of the weak. Yet the path that lies before us, all is hard, indeed, and filled with the dangers as yet unimaginable. If America is to make it through, it requires a leader with -unwavering- resolve, and a people tempered in their very fires of hardship.

Some have called this war we wage unnecessary, but is it unnecessary to protect our children of the future, is it unnecessary to stand against the evil that will plague us in the future? We do not do this because we want too, we do it because we must. If we let them, the NCR will deny us every liberty, every freedom that we have worked and built so hard to re-obtain. We cannot allow them to dirty the name of democracy any further. Our fathers fought and died for America and the American way of life. We will do no more, and we will do less...

The NCR call us tyrants, but their spearheading campaign to the East has done little more than prove themselves as agents of tyranny. Self-appointed defenders of justice? What right do they have to tell us how to live, what authority do they have over our very lives? What right did they have to attack Navarro and slaughter our people there? We, are a free people, and we will command our lands and our families as we see fit.

They are afraid of us! Their fear led them to Navarro, and their fear is leading them ever East. The NCR march into our homes under the auspices of 'liberty' and 'freedom'. Killing, and -pillaging- in the name of their laws and then dare lecture -us- on morality!? They will be held accountable for their crimes, this of all things, I -swear- to you!

They preach of freedom, but they haven't the slightest clue as to what true freedom really is. They are imprisoned by their own laws, and their own customs, and their own so called 'civility'. They are selfish, greedy, self-important people. They live frivolous, wasteful lives, possessing neither purpose nor direction. The NCR have no say here, or anywhere else. Yet they still believe they can meddle in the affairs of the -true- overseers of this Nation...? We are our own masters, we answer to no one!

The NCR are a lost people, and a stained cause. They meddle in the affairs of others instead of solving the problems that plague it's people and themselves. Hardship and sorrow give one's existence meaning. And we will help them find meaning...

We built this country up from nothing once before. Our sweat, blood, and tears is as much apart of the ruins of this Nation as the air we breath. And they think they can take it away from us and claim it as their own work!? They are either fools or insane! There is no compromise without weapons, there can be no words without death, the NCR will be made to understand. And that knowledge will be paid for with their lives.

The NCR talk of innocence, but in war, there are no innocents. Their public support their leaders, they elect them into power with the money they have long since 'earned' and then they send their children to fight against us and everyone else as well for that matter! They're -all- guilty! And as any civil settlement will agree, the guilty must be punished! As before, we Americans stand alone. But we stand as one, united.

As the combined forces of this Republic of selfish greed stands against us, we will stamp them back down into the hole they began from!! We will secure this Nation, and we will uplift it's people!!

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Now, and forever.