The Mini-gatling is a fake weapon based on Minigun (Fallout: New Vegas) and Shoulder mounted machine gun in Fallout: New Vegas.


The Gatling gun is one of the best-known early rapid-fire weapons and a forerunner of the modern machine gun. Invented by Richard Gatling. The Gatling gun's operation centered on a cyclic multi-barrel design which facilitated cooling and synchronized the firing-reloading sequence. Each barrel fired a single shot when it reached a certain point in the cycle, after which it ejected the spent cartridge, loaded a new round and, in the process, allowed the barrel to cool somewhat. This configuration allowed higher rates of fire to be achieved without the barrel overheating.


This weapon is a four-barreled heavy machine gun, fed by an ammunition box using .45-70 Gov't rounds. it delivers an extremely high rate of fire, making it an effective weapon and is ideal for inflicting heavy damage on large quantities of enemies.

This rate of fire can quickly exhaust ammunition supplies due to the rarest of .45-70 Gov't, as well as reducing the weapon's condition at an alarming rate during sustained fire. Using one requires a healthy stock of Weapon repair kits, or a supply of other miniguns to keep the weapon in good working condition.


Mini-Gatling can fire a total of about 7495 standard shells, the equivalent of 84 reloads, from full condition before breaking.

Ammunition typeDurability


  • This weapon is based on real Gatling gun.

Behind the scenes

It's a fake gun :D